Chapter Epic Games I Am Pleased To Appear Project Scorpio And Playstation 4 Neo

Epic Games And its Unreal Engine 4 engine still plays an important role in the development of the industry, so it is worth listening to this company. On the eve of the head of “epics” Tim Suini (Tim Sweeny) told about what he thinks about Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Neo.

He is only glad that the generation of consoles will be fresheled in the middle of the current cycle. According to Suini, Such an approach combines the best from PC and ordinary consoles: people always have access to advanced “hardware”, but at the same time they have a device on which all games will be guaranteed. In addition, it is no longer necessary to say goodbye to the accumulated consumer base every seven years and start everything from scratch – it says Suini, It was a madness. Here, they say, EPIC New games will develop years, and with a standard change of generations from them at some point it would have to completely refuse. With the transition to Scorpio and Neo, fortunately, will not happen.

At Samoa EPIC now everything is wonderful too. Unreal Engine 4 engine is very popular: 80 projects on the last E3 2016 used this particular technology, including WE Happy Few, Eve valkyrie, Scalebound And Sea of thieves. Suini I assures that now on Unreal Engine 4 work about two million (!) Developers. EPIC and dreaming did not bother about such success.

Finally Suini Commented on the situation with UWP and Windows 10. Recall that Tim some time ago criticized sharply Microsoft for what direction the corporation is moving. So here, Suini It is still afraid that Redmenonds are on one fine day click the chopper and ban other people’s stores in Windows 10, forcibly imposed by millions of users Built-in Windows Store. but Microsoft continues to look for a common language with third-party developers, Tim notes. And this, of course, good sign.

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