World Championship instead of blizzcon

World Championship instead of blizzcon
Already like the traditional and annual Blizzcon festival actually turned out to be not so traditional every year. It will be more accurate to say. Because numerous fans of the company’s talents are still waiting for the autumn of this year. But do not wait.

Blizzard Already months for ten to standard terms, the event suddenly stated that he did not intend to conduct it in 2012. And the fault of this is not uncertainty due to the outlined end of the world, and excessive loading of developers.

They are compere by day Diablo 3, Mists of Pandaria And Heart of the SWARM, Therefore, to meet with the simple people of them under. So wait for BlizzCon in 2013. But in 2012 somewhere in Asia, Battle will take world championship. And it will be cool … it must be.

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