Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree Of Life: Game Walkthrough and Guide


The main menu is at the top of the screen – Download, Save, Notes, Dialogues and Magazine. Inventory is at the bottom of the screen. Items can be combined and increased in inventory right mouse button. Question mark at the bottom right is a prompt and indicates all active and important items on the screen. Double click makes the character run.

Your name is Sylvia Lerua, you are a young archaeologist from Paris.

The game begins with the fact that Sylvia is talking to a gondolier in a mask. Suddenly, a figure in a mask appears on the balcony on the balcony and shoots the gondollae from the poisoned tube, he falls and dies.

A few days earlier…

one. Britannia

You are in the working office of the Museum. Talk to the director about the owner of the Cabinet of Marsel: he explored the ancient chest of the 16th century and recently disappeared. Go to the left to the window – there is a desk, and take a look at the trunk with three dials. On the table is a sheet of paper with the words: «Fragment of ancient ceramics, pistols of the 16th century, a key for a pistoli, a hack». Maybe these are things in the chest? Need to check.

Inspect the office (the secret is closed, the printer and copier do not work, on the bulletin board hangs the reproductions of vintage engravings) and exit the exposure hall. Talk to the girl who restores the picture – her name is Claire. She is very worried about Marseille, He was her friend. Return to the room, open the table box, take the tweezers and voice recorder in which there is not enough memory cards. Ask for her Claire: she will explain that she has a card, and give her.

Return to the office, inventory insert the card into the voice recorder and listen to the record.

Code to the chest is «storm», «Jupiter», And the third word knows Claire.

If you carefully looked at the reproductions of vintage engravings on the bulletin board, they noticed that these are various weather phenomena at sea – Light Breeze, Storm, Fresh Wind. Each phenomenon corresponds to the digit on the buffa scale. Storm is classified as 8 – first digit you have.

Go to the hall and look at the fresco under the ceiling – These are the planets of the solar system. Jupiter – fifth planet from the sun.

Find Claire, who smokes on the street, and talk to her on all topics. She will say that the third digit code – 2.

Return to the Cabinet and open the chest 8 – five – 2 (numbers need to be installed by clicking on the dial). Inside is a pistol with a shomepol inside and an old key.

Look at the chest on the side – there is a small hole in his front wall. Insert the key there – It turns out the chest with a secret. Putting the secret box does not work, it blocks something. Get a cheeset from a pistoli and insert into the hole in the side wall of the chest – Cache opens, and you will take the old book.Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree Of Life
The book is written about the journey of the Spanish Conquastador Juan Ponce de Leon to the Unknown Islands, where he discovered a tree of life, giving eternal youth. Between the pages lie crap. Get them tweezers and fold in the inventory, it should be like this (right mouse button – Rotate a fragment by 90 degrees, take over the edge – turn the fragment with the opposite side):Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree Of Life
Unfortunately, there are no coordinates on this map.

Now the card must be copied, pick up the original from the museum you can’t. Go to the copier and inspect it. Open the front panel and get the cartridge, look at it in the inventory – There is no ink in toner. Open the top cover – Glass is very dirty, you need a rag.

Return to the hall and look at the drawer on the table to the right of the cler. Ask her permission to open it and take a piece of fabric from the drawer, a brush and a bottle with varnish.

Talk to the director about the non-working cartridge – He will send you to the porter Antoine. Go to the courtyard, go left and call the gatekeeper door and take a new toner. Return to the office, wipe the glass, put the cartridge to the location, place the card under the cover and make a copy.

Return to the Hall and talk to Claire, she will give you the key to Marseille’s secret. Read the letter from Count Saint-Germa, in which he offers Marsel to meet him. Take the yellow dye for the printer and read the notes in the Marcel notebook.

Go to the printer and open all three covers – There is not enough container with dye, powder and mixing container.

Put the dye container in the right slot, take the empty powder container and return to the director. Ask him about the non-working printer, and he will tell you what to talk to Antoine about it.

Go to Antoine for powder and mixing container. The receptionist will explain that he has no powder, but Marseille usually used potato flour instead.

While Antoine is looking for a container, exit the gate and inspect the surroundings. Talk to the owner of the hotel – he will tell that Marcel has met here with a strange person. The owner has potato flour, but he will give it to you in exchange for a bucket of clean water, which is in the museum well (he himself can not go there because of the bad relationship with Antoine). Take a bucket and go to the museum. You are angry with Antoine and give an empty container. Go to the hall and take the rope from the Viking Room (to the left of the Claire). Return to the courtyard, open the well cover, connect the rope with the bucket in the inventory and type water. Take it to the owner of the hotel and take the flour. Look at the stones to the left of the hotel – between them stuck a coin, but it is impossible to get it with hand. Come to the fence near the hotel, remove the wire from it and get a coin, look at it in the inventory – Here is a tree. Apparently, she lies here not by chance. Maybe Count Saint-Germain has some kind of attitude to the disappearance of Marseille?

In the inventory, pour flour into a powder container and go to the printer. Put all containers in place and take a three-dimensional copy of the ceramics fragment. In the inventory, plunge the brush in the lacquer and apply it to the drawing.

Give the map found in the chest to the director and head to Venice.

2. Venice

You are at Santa Croce School, where you have planned a lecture on the promotion of the book «Ritual Scorpion». Talk to the organizer of your speech Gaetano and go to the hall – while you are waiting for the beginning of the lecture, you can look around.

Go to the niche to the right at the entrance – There is an interesting mosaic here, but to consider it closer, you will need a staircase (it stands nearby). Put the staircase to the floor and pick up the top.

Remove the lower right mosaic fragment in the inventory and fold the spots. It should work like this:Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree Of Life
Save for those who could not fold them – . Broken the rod from the fence, connect it in the inventory with the paddle and wrap the police ribbon. Sit to Gondola and burn fireworks. You sail to Palazzo Celeste.

Channel closed with grille. Plush the stone, holding the chain, and call the bells until the numbers appear in the windows under them – 8 – 7 – 2.

Complete to the house, talk with Saint-Germain and return to him Briggza. He wants you to conduct an examination of the old board, which he bought in an antique store – for this you will need tools.

Return to the gondola and go to the pond. Take the bowl and watering can, which we need to fill in water, to the left of the parapet lie on the parapet. Go to the table and look at the bottom shelf, take the pva, lying and brush. In the inventory, plunge the brush in the PVA, connect gloves and brush. Pour lysch into a bowl and lower the brush in a bowl. Clean the spatula board board – letters appear on it. Apply to the center of the head of the PVA, and the rest of the boards will spend the brush. Pour water from watering can and spat the center on the board. On the board it is written: «Maria Celeste».

Tell me about this graph, and he will offer you to become his research expert associated with «Maria Selestova».

Note the screw staircase and the lattice floor of the second floor site. Climb there and select four stone fragments. Go to the mosaic in the center of the room and insert the missing piece of the ornament into its central ring.

Now rings can be twisted. Turn the third ring ring until you hear the characteristic grinding, then turn the fourth ring. When all rings coincide with the drawing, square fragments in the corners of the mosaic can be opened. It should work like this:Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree Of Life
Look in the seeds in the caches, identical to those you found in a cache at Santa Croce School. Talk to the graph that will send you to Cairo for the missing jug, and run from the murderer in a mask, which at that moment appeared outside the Palazzo window.

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