Circulation Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Exceeded 12 Million Copies. Switch Sale From Nintendo Forecast

Today Nintendo summed up the nine months of the current fiscal year (ended December 31, 2018). Companies had to abandon their plan to sell 20 million Nintendo Switch until the end of the fiscal year, but with the sales of games everything is wonderful.

Circulation Fighting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, published in December 2018, reached 12.08 million copies. Ultimate Already soared the third place in the list of best entertainment for Switch. Leadership while holds Mario Card 8 Duffer (15.02 million copies), and on the second line is located Super Mario Odyssey (13.76 million). Both games came out back in 2017.

Other Switch-exclusives show themselves. In particular, total sales Pokémon: Let’s go reached 10 million copies, and Super Mario Party – 5.3 million. Among all games for Switch, including third-party projects, already 20 entertainment has been separated over a million copies.

In the current fiscal year Nintendo Calculated to sell 20 million Nintendo SWITCH. For nine months, 14 steel console owners.49 million people. In this regard, the company reduced the forecast to 17 million devices.

Despite the fact that sales of the hybrid device did not meet expectations Nintendo, The financial results of the company compared to last year improved noticeably. So, her income for nine months amounted to 9.17 billion dollars – at 16.4% higher than a year earlier. Operating Profit – 2.02 billion (at 40.6% higher than in 2018).

By the end of the current fiscal year, the platform-container intends to get 11 billion dollars of revenue and 2.06 billion operating profit. Although Nintendo reduced the sales forecast for SWITCH, the company’s financial plans did not change – apparently, now the Japanese make a bet on a stable growth in sales of games.

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