Cities: Skylines: Tip (Install Mods)

Mods also work on pirate clients of the game. Mods are often compatible with off. additions to the game.
Mods are divided into different types and you need to place them in different folders:
PATH – You need to go to the Users \ {USER_NAME} \ AppData \ Local \ Colossal \ OrderCities \ Skylines \ Addons folder
1) Regular mods should be placed in the folder:
1.2) PATH \ Mods

2) Mods of the “Assets” type have the file extension “.crp” and you need to place them:
2.1) PATH \ Assets

3) Mods like “cards” should be placed in:
3.1) PATH \ Maps

4) Mods like “color correction” with the file extension “.crp” should be placed in:
4.1) PATH \ ColorCorrections

5) Mods “styles” with the file extension “.crp” must be placed in:
5.1) Path \ Styles

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