Codisima Played With Playstation Vr And Looked At Media Molecule

Hideo Codisima (Hideo Kojima) and Mark Surni (Mark Cerny) continue to ride the world and talk about what and whom they seek, in Twitter.

From there it became known that over the past few days the architect PlayStation 4 drove a curious creator Metal Gear Solid in different studios belonging to Sony, On the territory of the United States of America, after which the company went on the other side of the ocean. In United Kingdom.

Judging by Twitter, in London Codisima The first thing passed on music stores and met with the frontman of the Rock Group UltraVox Midgeye Yurus (Midge Ure).

With My Soul Master, Midge Ure-San (@ Midgeure1) in London. HE GAVE ME THE VINYL THAT EXISTS ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD. PIC.Twitter.COM / BMQYJUSKQX

– Hideo_Kojima (@hideo_kojima_en) January 24, 2016

Thereafter SERNI from Codisima headed by B SCE LONDON STUDIO, which is primarily engaged in the Virtual Reality helmet of PlayStation VR and games for him. Of course, there the Japanene tried the device on himself, and also managed to familiarize himself with the new project of the studio, which developers are not yet ready to announce.

Visiting London VR Team. Blurred Out Part Of Photo IS The Plan for Their Next VR Experience – Sorry! PIC.Twitter.COM / PKNJZOLHVB

– Mark Cerny (@cerny) January 25, 2016

And then the team moved to visit the creators LittleBigPlanet And TEARAWAY In the town of Gilford Near London. As you know, at the moment Studio Media Molecule occupied by the production of pretty peculiar sandbox Dreams. Maybe her came to see her Codisima? In any case, while the glowed game designer praises only local cuisine.

AT Media Molecule, We Were Served Delicious Scottish Authentic Cuisine Haggis for Lunch. PIC.Twitter.COM / VXKMTYLAMN

– Hideo_Kojima (@hideo_kojima_en) January 25, 2016

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