Collective Dying Light For 250,000 Pounds With Home

As you know, February 27 in European shops will deliver Dying Light on physical media. So on joys TECHLAND, It seems that completely flew from the coils and conceived to surprise patient – and very rich – gamers a special collectible edition with a subtitle of My Apocalypse.

The developers are convinced that in our turbulent time it is necessary to seriously prepare for a zombie apocalypse, and a unique Dying Light: “My Apocalypse” Collectors Edition will help you do it. If, of course, you live in the UK and lay out 250 thousand pounds for it.

The main feature of this collection is that the company has Tiger Log Cabins Build a specially fortified house, able to protect the owner from the invasion of zombies. According to the description of developers, the building will be equipped with all the necessary household amenities, on the second floor you will be waiting for a convenient observation point, an emergency hatch, a warehouse for weapons, as well as a comfortable living room with a TV, a spoken sound system and Xbox One so that you can play in Dying Light, while the apocalypse did not come.

In addition to the composition of Dying Light: “My Apocalypse” Collectors Edition includes:

● Parkura lessons from ampisound, which will help to escape from any walking dead man;
● Journey to the studio TECHLAND In Wroclaw (Poland), where the owner of the publication is waiting for a meeting with the whole team and a party in the society “Steve, Consultant for Zombie”;
● Match in Be The Zombie mode in developers;
● Ability to see your face in the game on the night hunter;
● Night vision branded glasses + stock of adult diapers;
● Two pairs of Razer Tiamat headphones;
● Four copies Dying Light in metal boxes with authors authors;
● Zombie Type Voltile Figure in full human growth to scare Marauders.

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