Collective Mafia Iii With Two Soundtracks On Vinyl And Pinap

Announce that Mafia III from Hangar 13 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 7, 2016, the company 2K Games at the same time reported that the game will receive a collection edition for $ 150, which the publisher pretended in detail in detail.

Now you can not only learn the items, but also to consider with our own eyes Mafia III: Collector’s Edition In the image below. The contents of the set are as follows:

● Mafia III: Official Soundtrack of New Bordeaux – 180 gram vinyl plastic with 1960s hits, including songs Otis Redding (Otis Redding) and Karla Tomas (Carla Thomas), Sam Cook (SAM COOKE), The Animals and others. And this is only a part of an “eclectic mix of rock, rhythm and blues and pop music”, which can be heard in the game itself.
● Mafia III: ORIGINAL GAME SCORE – 180 gram vinyl plastic with original soundtrack founded specifically for Mafia III composers Jessie Harlin (Jesse Harlin) and Jim Bonnie (Jim Bonney).
● two exclusive artistic reproductions – Pinap lithographs from Playboy and Alberto Vargas Estate, representing a “extensive collection of art that players will be able to discover for themselves” Mafia III.
● The Art of Mafia III: Collectable Art Book – a 56-page album with a concept art game demonstrating the creation of a new Bordeaux (the game version of the new Orleans of the summer of the summer of 1968).
● Copy of army token Lincoln Claya.
● Branded stands for a mug of leatherette with Paradiso casino logos and other Cammy’s criminal institutions, “prompt Lincoln Clai to revenge”.
● Seasonal subscription.

And today 2k Plans to re-remove the computer version Mafia II from 2K Czech in Steam. And in honor of this event promises a 80 percent discount both on the game itself and on DLC to her until June 8.

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