Command & Conquer: Generals: Tips And Tactics

There are tactics for the USA WCC against a person:
1-building 3 bulldozer (1 already exists, remains 2)
The 2nd is building a reactor, a second barrack, the third-building of the resource collector (ZSR).
3- In the barracks we are building rackets, in the zer-combat chinuk, even 2 or 3.
4- load rackets for chinukov (not at the maximum how many soldiers will be).
5- Give chinuki to the base where defense will only come.
6-wing of all who are not too lazy!!!!!!!!
Even though this tactic is not trample against an experienced enemy, but quickly, cheap and angrily! It can also play on the middle level against the computer (usual, not from campaigns or general competitions)

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