Command & Conquer: Renegade: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Command & Conquer: Renegade: Passage

In this world, war does not end. Initially, GDI wins NOD, then the brotherhood is suddenly reborn and Kane again threatens with nuclear warheads “Global Defense Initiative”… All the fault of this damned tiberium, an interplanetary substance, radioactive non-understand, which, for which thousands of people are ready to overgrow each other pharynges. Mutants, sectarians and whipped scientists. Permanent wars, war… Survive in this crazy world can be, if you only name Rambo… Well, or at least Nick Parker.

Welcome to Command & Conquer, Multi-War World.


Command & Conquer: Renegade – Three-dimensional first-person shooter “based on” a cult series of strategic games from Westwood. If you played at least one of these strategies, I will definitely find many similarities in these at first glance completely different projects, like Real-Time Strategy and a three-dimensional shooter from the first (and in some two) faces.


The game interface consists of the following conventions:

one. Game screen on which basic events occur.

2. Compass. The arrow shows the direction of an object or a place set as “missions” tasks, and the digits indicate the distance to it (in meters). Green objects are indicated by those objects whose visit is critical for a successful passage of the game, and blue – the so-called “additional tasks”, objects, which are not necessary.

3. Radar with a motion sensor. On the radar regarding the player (mid-screen of a circular indicator) in red dots marked selected enemies, green – allies, and gray – peaceful residents. There is also a system of choosing a “type” of the object flowed by the radar. The usual point is a man or a small object, a triangle – flying objects (aircraft, helicopters and t.P.), square is a major vehicle or a group of objects.

4. Life energy and armor scales. Vital energy is replenished with the aid kits, and the armor – the found metal plates or body armor. The maximum number of these parameters can also be increased, finding during the game “Card with Extension”, Blue Color – Bronet, Yellowee – Health.

five. Information about the currently selected weapon. The number of charges in the store are written in large numbers, and the total number of their amount in the storm.

6. Magnetic access cards. Peculiar keys opening locked doors. There are three colors – green, yellow and red for the doors of different types.

7. Weapon selection menu. Then the weapon to which the cartridges ended, is displayed in yellow.


Most of the game we have to protrude on our two, constantly fighting with the superior enemy’s forces, and therefore with the means of destroying here a complete variety.

Automatic Pistol

The very first weapon, too weak even for the conduct of hostilities at the initial levels. The only indisputable plus pistol is his endless ammunition.

Automatic Rifle

Standard weapon of the first stages. Medium in all parameters – slaughter, rapidity and recharge speed. Such machine guns armed the main forces of Nod’ovsky soldiers, so you rarely be lacking in the cartridges.

Chain Gun

Machine gun. Extremely universal thing, perfectly shows itself both in the early stages of the game, and closer to the end, when you have to deal with superboraded elite detachments. One of the few drawbacks is a big scatter during shooting, it is bad for shooting for long distances.

Flame Thrower

Flamethrower – weapon of punitive detachments nod. The best choice during the skirmishes in closed rooms. Long jet of fire can capture several opponents at once. To combat long-range distances, alas, not suitable at all.

Than spripe

Almost a complete analogue of flamethrower, with the only difference that shoots not fire, and liquefied tiberium.

Grenade Launcher

Grenomatome. The thing is completely stupid – the released shells fly through Parabola, the slaughter force is less than that of the grenade launcher, and so on. Suitable for use only when the Boezapas ended in the rocket, and any enemy of armored vehicles are opposed to you.

Rocket Launcher

Rachetnitsa – great weapons for all occasions. Any infantry kills pushed, and the most powerful tank usually grabs three or four direct hit. Great for combating enemy machine guns.

Personal Ion Cannon

Portable Compact ion gun. Creepy thing. One shot demolides any tank or any turret. It has only two drawbacks: cartridges for her for gold weight, and recharge time after each shot more than three seconds. This time is usually enough to turn the naive gun in the hole.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifle – the absolute leader of the fight against the enemy at the distance. On the right mouse button, the rifle goes into the zoom mode while in which you can even ease the conversations of some important characters to pass.

Tiberium Auto Rifle

Very powerful rifle. Two shots are usually enough to put on the blades of the armored opponent. True, one significant disadvantage: with damage to such weapons, the enemy in most cases is instantly mutated into the terrible, aggressive lump of tyiberium mucus.

Tiberium Flechette Gun

Weapons, on the action similar to the shotgun – shoots small tiberium bunches. Alas, because of its small functionality in the later stages of the game, this gun remained almost not.

Laser Rifle

Laser rifle comes to replace the usual machine closer towards the end of the game. Not too high rapidity with more than paying off by force and shooting accuracy.

Laser Chain Gun

Fully displaces the usual chain gun at the last levels. Powerful, fast and perfect accurate machine gun, suitable even for helicopter execution.

Volt Auto Rifle

Unconditional Favorite of the Middle Fight, it is a pity that it appears only at the last level. The charges from the volt-guns are temporarily paralyzed and immobilized by the enemy, and the powerful electric current turns it into a heap of a smoky ash. Infrequently, alas, there are ammunition.

Remote C4

Portable explosives. Serves to destroy fixed objects like turons, computers, consoles and the like.

Ion Cannon Beacon

Ultimatimative means of destruction. Real Pocket Armageddon. Just put the radiomayak of the ion gun next to the enemy base, and after a few seconds there will be one dust from it.

Some advice

During the game, you will not have to ride on various vehicles. Control of any technique is carried out in the same way as in normal game mode: cursor keys – gas, brakes and turns, and the mouse turns the towers in tanks or machine guns from Humm Vee or Buggy. Each car cartridges are infinite.

If on the instructions of the mission you need to sabotage this or that building, then do not rush to blow it! It just means that you have to go down to the internal corridors of this building and find and destroy the management computer (MainFrame).

Some weapons cannot effectively act on certain types of opponents. For example, all tyiberiotic weapons are useless against mutants and Chem Troopers (chemical troops protected by green safeanda). Also, the fire will be absolutely ineffective against the flamethroughs.

The rest of the attention of the nuances of the gameplay We tried more or less people to set forth in the following passage.

Explanations on the plot, game concepts and characters

Nod – Conditional “bad” in the Universe C&C. Poliseligiosis fraternity of syndicalist terrorists, mixed on the dictatorship of the proletariat and other Marxism-Leninism. The tasks of the Brotherhood include the establishment of order and peace worldwide… somewhat specific means, such as mass and fanatical hypnosis. Conduct various experiences with tiberium, and also have access to nuclear weapons.

GDI – Conditional “good”, the organization created on the basis of NATO, designed to resist the onslaught of fraternity, applying the most “humane” means of warfare, such as ion shocks from orbital military satellites, carpet bombers and Nalalm.

Tiberium – Extremely expensive and poorly studied substance of alien origin. Used in medicine and industry. With direct contact with the body harmfully reflected on health and can lead to mutations. It is in the production of Tiberius that the interests of NOD and GDI intersect.

Nick “Havok” Parker – Professional Rambo, Former Head of Dead Six Special Student, now working on GDI. Part-time our main character.

Sakura – Apostate, former partner and Parker Colleague by Dead Six. Collaborates with nod.

Mendoza – bad type, faithful soldier nod. Manages the operation on the abduction of prominent scientists GDI. Large lover of heavy army flamethos.

Dr. Mebius – one of the main characters of the Universe C&FROM. Leading Tiberium Specialist, Covering Military Developments of Tiberid Weapons.

Sydney Mebius – Daughter of Dr. Mebius, constantly interpreted in the most bad situations.

Dr. Petrov – Colleague Dr. Mebius. Secretly works on nod. Mutated, became the propaganda idea of the “New World”, in which there is no place for ordinary people.

HOTVYR, Ganner, Deadai, patch – Friends and Parker Colleagues by Dead Six.

Kane – Head of the NOD Brotherhood and the Lead Character of the World C&FROM. No Kane is not a single game series.


Mission 1: The Scorpion Hunters

War begins! A small reconnaissance detachment GDI landed in the ambush and currently keeps from the last forces. The situation seems hopeless until we appear. So, as soon as they hungled from the helicopter – run after the engineers, until you get on a small rigid platform inside the mountain gorge. From the friendly soldiers, the target is not enough, so quickly run into the right-hand side of the site, where there is some strategic reserve of armor and cartridges, and start a planned shooting of the hosts, periodically appearing on elevations from the Western, Eastern and Northern side of the gorge.

When the infantry is finished, wait until the engineers break the challenge and repaired equipment. Sit into the liberated medium tank and travel to the out of the gorge. Not paying attention to the enemy Harvester, continue to go on the road until you notice the enemy database. Wait until your partners destroy all enemy tanks, and shoot a stationary turret and Sam Site for barbed wire. Now it remains only to observe how the base of Nod’ovtsi is dying under massive on-making peacekeeping forces.

Mission 2: Rescue and Retribution

Surprises continue. This time, the sudden attack Nod broke all the command plans, and we, as usual, will have to save. Run along the coast, on the beach, and on the metal stairs scroll upwards. On the road, turn right and continue the continuous movement forward, periodically shooting from the scattered enemy detachments. Soldiers of the enemy are unorganized, but if you suddenly meet an officer (infantryman, instead of a helmet wearing a certain semblance of Beret) – immediately destroy the sacuosta, because the enemy officers have a unique ability to urge reinforcements.

Keep moving along the road. Look on the way to the surrounding houses – besides death of frightened locals, there you can still find useful cartridges, aid kits or even full armored sets. When you find yourself on the fork of roads with a guard tower – imperceptibly sneak into its entrance and on the stairs. Screw to the second floor. Kill the tape infantry and borrow a sniper rifle. With this new toy, remove two soldiers running right at the rate, go down, reach the end of the road and with the help of a pocket explosive, destroy two guns, firing your ships from the shore. In gratitude for the service provided, good command will send us Medium Tank. Go down to the beach, sit down in the tank and move on the way to right, shooting the flowing helicopters on the way with enemy landing.

Circle a peaceful farm and on the tunnel go out in the field where you are already waiting for several light enemy tanks and harmful stationary turret on the mountain ledge. Destroy all enemies in the surrounding area (they are actually a bit), go out of the tank and go through the bridge over the anti-tank “hedgehog”. Do not forget to choose the magnetic access card lying on the bridge. Turn on the way to the left and run forward until you see the church. Here you will meet a new type of opponents – flamethmeters, so try not to enter the building itself, but to put out the villains into the street, where and shoot with a safe and life of the distance.

Rise from the church to the path upstairs and with the help of a sniper rifle, eliminate another enemy officer on the observant post in the watchdog tower. Turn to the right and by Hand of Nod continue on the road. In the end, you will reach a massive stone fence, followed by the NOD Detection Center – the desired object of our whole mission. To open the gate in the fence, you need to hack the computer inside Communications Center – buildings in the neighborhood. Pass inside and on the elevator go down to the lower center level. In the room you will be rendered some resistance, but if by that time you did not waste the whole stock of cylinders for flamethrough, now it’s time to put it in. At the lower level, go through a wide corridor and hack your computer. If you even decided to deal with the entire communication center, then laid explosives under the building management console nearby. Well, now go out into the air, and with the help of a small console on the wall, open the massive gate and free off to the end of the prisoner.

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