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Company of Crime, Published 1C Entertainment, – Another tactical strategy, at first glance, resembling a copy of the last parts XCOM. But creation Resistance Games There are a trump card in the sleeve: an unknown setting of criminal london 60s, focus on hand-to-hand fights and two radically differing in the method of passing single campaigns. Is it enough to attract the attention of tactical puzzle lovers?

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

The criminal life of the English capital of the middle of the last century is rather deprived of the attention of developers of games, rather than the opposite. But the time was interesting! The collapse of the powerful British Empire and the beginning of the formation of a new empire – in the 60s London becomes the capital of world pop culture. The country, finally, who left the consequences of the Second World War, was having fun: “Bitles” and “Rolling”, steep cars and beautiful girls, affordable drugs and other forbidden pleasures – Safornary England went to the sunset, freeing the place for a young life.

It did not exception and the criminal world: long-standing spheres of the influence of gangsters of the old school are beginning to be disputed by representatives of the new era. They are active, do not suffer to the commitment of strict principles, know how to make money and how to spend them with taste. And “old men” can be moved, not?

Both external design and music in Company of Crime Mind almost perfect. Photocollages in the style of classic British pop art, uncomplicated, but rhythmic musical beeps, portraits of the main characters and design levels – just as it should show themselves about London 60s. The only thing that is missing is a variety: the same background pictures begin to arrive very quickly, did not avoid the same music. Company of CRIME game reviewIf you break the law too often, then the consequences will not make it wait.
Scripts and frankly scholluril9. Do not believe promises about the interesting story: it does not stand out from hundreds of similar stories about the path of criminals to success or about police buddies. An intriguing hint on the “third force” and can be ignored at all: Sorry for the spoiler, but the secret society, inclined in the confrontation of the guardians of the law and bandits, is mentioned directly in the game more often than in the annotation on the page in Steam.

Behind the plot you can follow the input: it is not impressive, and it is served only with the help of texts – for this serve as descriptions of tasks and occasionally found dialogues during their execution. And the authors of these texts and dialogues will immediately say, far to John Pearson (John Pearson), which was engaged in a description of the rich biography of the Kray brothers – the famous British criminals of that era. Prims of twins (like other famous London gangsters), by the way, there are in the game: Banda Brothers Creek is one of the strongest groups of London.

Catch Me If You Can

Two unlike each other single campaigns (first for gangsters, and the second for “Bobby”) is one of those “Fich”, which should highlight the game from the strategy series. Not every developer in the power to come up with really different gameplay mechanics for opposing sides. For examples, I will not go far – fail Narcos: Rise of the Cartels Will not suit. And here Resistance Games with the task coped – at least globally difference. Company of CRIME game reviewBlue Stripe Indicates Stamina, Red – Life glasses. If the first value falls to zero, the character will lose consciousness, and the loss of the second threatens death. Do not want an extra “wet” – watch this more careful, planning another blow or shot.
In the campaign of criminals, we have a step by step to conquer domination over the entire English capital, eliminating competitors and trying not to come across the eyes of the cops. The city is divided into areas, in each of which there are several establishments that make profit to their owners. These pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, laundries and other sources of light money can be taken to hand. However, nothing prevents banal extortion and towers, if cash is needed here and now.

Gameplay on the global map looks like this. Still enough hands, we distribute instructions, then turn on the rewind of time in anticipation of their implementation, but after the time is suitable for each order, or we are loaded into the tactical battle, or just reap the fruits of your actions (if you are very afraid and respectable, then they canand do not resist). The more subordinate you have, the better – any task, even if it is not completed by the battle in tactical mode, requires the participation of at least one character.

Act with skating, trying to capture the whole city with a time, will not work immediately for several reasons. Firstly, this prevents the plot – new areas are opened only after performing key tasks, and secondly, in the already open areas will have to first bother, declare themselves and only then act in full force.Company of CRIME game reviewThe situation on a global map depends only on player actions. Yes, other groupings sometimes show activity and try to fight with each other and with our gang, but it happens literally several times for all the passage.
The fact is that in addition to the money of the player, there are three more types of resources: fear, influence and respect. Like any resource in strategies, they are mined and spent: for example, the target for beating gives an increase to all indicators, but the intimidation required for the subsequent “spinning” of the business, on the contrary, will require a lot of fear glasses. And if the stock of influence is common for the whole city, then fear and respect must be dialed from scratch in each area. Want you do not want, but you have to start more from the bottom, gradually outer other gangs from all parts of the city.

On guard of law

In a police campaign, still attempting, even the plot here and looks a little shorter. For obvious reasons, you don’t have to bother earnings, but there are several types of resources here (patrol, evidence and security), and there is much more about the global map. You have to put patrols, conduct polls of informants, inspect the crime sides and look for evidence against each individual gang. As in reality, to give will the hands, batons and handcuffs, have to do a bunch of preparatory work. If criminals can go into battle almost at any time, then the cops are not able to afford such a luxury.

It is better not to try to “paint” all the important points in your color: while playing the gangsters there is a risk of not touching the final titles, for the process turns into an infinite repetition of the same actions. The head of the scornful criminal clan is once to follow the “spinning” of the ordinary outlet, but for some reason only for one type of tasks are available here. In all other cases, be kind, during the tactical battle, persecute the owner of the next restaurant to give your pennies to you, and not the guys from the neighboring street.Company of CRIME game reviewThere are several types of characters, a tree of pumping and a change of equipment, but the usual blow to the fist still remains the most effective admission.
In the campaign behind the cops, too, is waiting for an ambush – the promotion of the police plot in itself is in itself inhibits the tasks like “reduce the number of bosses” of one or another gang, and tactical battles that have already had time to be bored, do not differ much from what can be seen in the first campaign.

Powder, Morgali Fuck!

But what about “focus on hand-to-hand fights, the need to get rid of evidence, levels of anxiety and mechanical mechanics from the police”? These are not missing in the focus when shooting in the emphasis on some chissalide!

Yes, a two-phase system from XCOM in Company of Crime Nothing anywhere (like the percentage of the chance for successful use of ability), but the developers tried to come up with something new. For example, surroundings are important here: if there is a chair or a bottle at hand, the improvised weapon can be safely used by appointment. Strokes about the wall, struggle, keeping the enemy, kicks between legs or stumps in the eyes – Arsenal street fighting without rules is present in all its glory. Considering the overall shortage of serious weapons, such remedies and vigorous receivers turn out to be as if it is impossible: the most ordinary gun at first it is not so easy to get, besides, after applying it will have to get rid of it from a dangerous evidence.Company of CRIME game reviewFights better not to delay – watchful citizens will be very soon calling “Bobby”.
And also game mechanics requires a bloodless solution to problems. The enemy is better to beat the loss of consciousness (or arrest if you play for cops), and not send to that light. What is extra attention and cruelty? From a powerful shotgun a little confusion: the owner of some pub is needed to you alive, and the dead criminal will not give valuable testimony. It is better to spend on relatively humane clubs or hammers – most tasks directly contain the conditions for anyone not to kill.

In this snag: what is the sense of the strong team of thugs with a fireball, if it is mainly engaged in the disgusting of the emergency citizens? Skip such tasks by giving them to the otkup automatic regime, remind, it will not work, and such battles will fall for all the passage of a lot.

Subordinates pump out, the opponents change, new locations appear, and the gameplay in tactical battles remain almost the same as he was in the first fight. Even the numerous skills of the fighters do not save – the best option is always the simplest blow, and bother with prickly means and weapons.

If the strategic regime, despite the routine, it looks generally worthy, then tactical battles come out pretty quickly. Tolerate dozens of identical battles for the next part of the dubious plot? Well, that ..

One holds, the second beats – teamwork!
This phrase is well characterized by all Company of Crime. No failure – from a technical point of view, the game is done well, the original setting in stock, and the gameplay at the strategic level allows you to feel like a boss of the criminal empire or the head of the city police. But not “Masthev”, even for passionate lovers of tactic, – the one-step of step-by-step battles does not add desire to return to them again and again. Typical passman – we will not specifically scold, but also to praise nothing.

Pros: noticeably differing in the strategic mode of the campaign for gangsters and the police;England Design 60s.

Minuses: delay;monotonous step-by-step battles;Weak plot.

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