Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts: Council (Game for the British Corps)

When playing as the British in the choice of the specialty of your troops (Artillery A .; Royal Commando K.K .; Engineering Troops I.V.) It is best to choose the latter two, since most often the game involves infantry and armored units. Let’s start with the Engineering Troops: Firstly, the engineers are the most important infantry squad, since they both repair equipment and create anti-aircraft guns, anti-aircraft guns, a howitzer, place sandbags and so on. The choice of I.V. will allow you to strengthen these structures to a greater extent, tanks gain the ability to dig in (very useful in defense, since British tanks are nothing compared to German equipment), and command vehicles bring more resources, from unique armored vehicles you get useful Churchill mortar tank and Churchill crocodile (the latter is very effective against infantry).
Royal Commandos
When playing as K.K. you get excellent infantry units that do an excellent job with enemy infantry, in addition, they can be sent to the rear of the enemy. How to properly arm K.Commando
The armament of the commando detachment is carried out by raising the enemy’s weapons. As I myself have seen, the best combination is 2 Panzershrek and 1 MG42 machine gun. then your squad is invulnerable to armored vehicles.

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