Content For Destiny 2 Will Go More Often, But Not At The Expense Of Processing

After breaking S Activision Developers Destiny 2 from Bungie Slowly start a new life. At the last E3 journalist VG247 talked to the studio workers about the future militant, raised topics such as methods of monetization, new, conditionally free version of the game and the speed of the coming upgrades.

According to the project manager Scott Taylor (Scott Taylor), the company hears players and therefore going to produce fresh content more often. For this, the authors will emphasize the model of annual passes instead of seasonal skips and will develop in this direction.

Taylor Also notes that the studio is well aware of the news of recent years related to processing. The company’s big plans assure it, in no case should not hit the health atmosphere in the team: “It is very important that our team is happy, healthy and glad”.

In the upcoming Destiny 2: New Light The whole basic game will be free – you can choose any extension included in it. The issue with the purchase of all previous additions is solved, but there is still a problem of Grinda, which Bungie intends to partially decide.

As the leading studio designer said Railen Decker (Raylene Decker), new players will be able to immediately start the selected season with the required level of the character. This will help in a joint game with higher level friends. However, the possibility of progress will not completely select, but implement it somehow different.

Community manager David Dag (David Dague) said that monetization at the expense NEW LIGHT will become more flexible. Developers will add more paid additional content to the game, which, however, will not be mandatory and will not affect the main “expirers”.

All major changes will arrive in Destiny 2 together with the release of supplement Shadowkeep – September 17. Read more about the additive in this news.

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