Cossacks 3: Video Game Overview

This is how it is customary to speak, warm and lamp item. When she hangs (and she will certainly hang!), the task manager does not see it among the running applications – it is necessary to search for the Cossacks string in the processes list. Do you know how to get out of the game in the menu? Think, using the ESC key? No, you need to press F10: more Neanderthals to leave the cave, click this button. Need hot keys? Go to the forum or in the training campaign – in the settings for the answer to climb it is useless. Wanted beautiful video setups? Here you have an evil Cossack with scratched, like Bruce Lie (Bruce Lee) on the famous frame, tits yes brick text in addition. Therefore, do not ask what it smells, – above the Ukrainian strategy is the strong spirit of retro. And surprise nothing here.

Our wives – Guns charged

We must say Thanks to Studios GSC. And for the game “Cossacks: European Wars” with its large-scale battles, thanks to which the 2000-year strategy almost eased with Age of Empires, Although initially imitated the last. And for the shooter FROM.T.BUT.L.TO.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl With his atmosphere, from which the soul was collapsed, and then unfolded – and so to the sarcophague itself over the Chernobyl. Both products have gained truly folk, defiable time love. The problem is that the developers know perfectly about her and use it to the whole coil.

Otherwise, how to explain that this is not the third part at all, but an HD-remake, what honestly tells the description of the game? Maybe then the figure from the name will ask for a way out, and it is inconvenient: a fat triple on the poster, but what it means – read the small font below. The rules here are really the same. The peasants, as a clavicle of the heads, build buildings, sow and climb, bite the sake of gold, iron and coal in the earthly subsoil, chop up the forest, pinch the barracks and stables, and the troops climb from the meat grinder. If there is enough food, money and housing, you can find a buzz of soldiers: who understood life, he already builds two Town Hall at the beginning of the party, throwing the main mass of Chelyadi to collect harvest. Rear contains an army, and the warriors defend the rear, parallel with the protection of the enemy, to apply a crushing blow – in fact it is RTS gameplay in a distilled form.

Like the original, the strategy of 2016 is devoted to the wars of the XVII – XVII9. Each of the twelve nations has its own characteristics – from unique “units” before architectural style. Soldiers are also beautiful: on Ukrainian Serdyuki, as it should be, a cloth ships, and French muskets are affected by skin camsoles. Create all this beauty worth at least in order to see how she will get out of the shots from the Arkebuses and Bombard, how the shelves will comply with several hundred infantry people, as the cavalry will drive around the battlefield and will leave the headquarters of the corpses in the Penter Mundra. True, in hand-to-hand soldiers glued together in such a tight mass, which and looked at the neutron star, and the monitor will disintegrate, as in the pictures on the curvature of space-time. If in the poem Lermontov The phrase “Mixed a bunch of horses, people” – the figure of speech, then here is a scientific fact.Cossacks 3 game reviewAlgeria can defeat the enemy by archers at the beginning of the party.
And for what troubles will do an artillery volley on such a briquette of a man – think scared. It comes to the absurdity: the only kernel may threaten dozens of the most persistent warriors – for example, hetmans, the stronger of which there is no one in the Ukrainian Connection. Then sit and think, accidentally it happened or so deliberately intended. After all, in terms of “glitches” “Cossacks 3”, Let the developers of their tirelessly latch, give odds to many references.

For the same reason, there is a risk to get bored from five campaigns – for the sacred Roman Empire, England, Russia, Compolate and France, the plot of which is not built on freedom of action, but on the triggering of scripts. Feel how thin ice? Here you ordered to rescue slaves from Turkish captivity. The shelves arrived in the fortress and shot from the cannons of all Janchar, while those dreamed of Guria and did not even try to resist, and the slaves still do not want to break shackles. Right say: slave for a day – slave forever. After such moments you understand that it is better for a party on a random map against AI or living players (the difference is that the latter know more than one and a half maneuvers).

Interest decrees, Milord

Genre of real-time strategies, nothing that is conservative, still changing – Compare the original Starcraft And Starcraft II Or take a look at the development of the franchise COMMAND & CONQUER. But GSC, Obviously, I decided to repeat the feat Hiro Oneoda, who partition in the jungle of Philippines from 1944 to 1974. Not only, the developers have taken out of naphthalene mechanics of sixteen years ago, so also the tactical nuances left on the spot. That is, Serdyuki is still shooting further musketeers, Russian Pikines demonstrate the wonders of perseverance, hussars and the Schie Cossacks will jump faster than wind, and the archers of Algeria breed no worse than yeast cells in the test. Think, firearms are better than a spear? “No matter how wrong,” the authors say to us “Cossacks” The second ten years. The only innovation on which they decided – diplomacy, giving about the same effect as the fifth wheel of the cart.Cossacks 3 game reviewPlay mostly for such moments.
Someone old-fashioned will like the soul: the long-standing fans remember the Swedes in Poltava at Pentium and where it is necessary to put barracks, therefore, with a high probability, they hope for novice ass in multiplayer. And it would be great, do not scrule the game on turns and suggest the same opportunities as it was in the original. It is difficult to believe, but to manage large armies in “European wars” much more convenient than in new creation GSC, – at least because the selection of “units” beyond the screen is impossible. And why reduced the number of nations and the queue of construction? Bending fingers after each question – not enough of both hands. In other words, only the graphics evolved here, but from the triad period in Jurassic – until the XXI century while far: the soldiers became three-dimensional, and the textures were added in resolution. Is this enough to justify the triple in the title?***
Put a low estimate “Cossacks” Very hard – I don’t care what to throw plastic soldiers, who kept in the box from three years, or burn their children’s drawings. If you have the most warm memories about the original (and otherwise it cannot be), then the injection of nostalgia will partly scratch the exchange of 800 rubles per 800 megabytes “Old Slak”. However, it will not seem a transaction for a long time. If you fix the game with patch, it will be quite good as an HD-remorse, but as a third part of the cult series – alas. Let’s hope that the best way to collect money for development FROM.T.BUT.L.TO.E.R. 2. Although we are deceiving?

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