Cossacks: European Wars / Cossacks: European Wars: Council (Ripples on new graphics cards)

Solving the problem with ripples on new video cards.
1) In the folder with the game, create a text document – notepad.
2) Enter the following lines into this text document:
“@echo off
taskkill / f / im explorer.exe
start explorer “- * without quotes
3) We name the text document for example “test” and after the name we write “.bat”
And we get test.bat
4) After we do this, a file will appear in the game folder, which will have the same name as our notepad.
5) This file will be our key to launch the game. We put on the shortcut an icon from the folder with the game.
6) We take it out to our desktop.
7) Enjoy the game…

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