Coyota. Desert Law: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Coyota. Desert Law: Passage

Will everyone remember the film “Mad Max”? Situation – one in one. Desert, typewriters, motorcycles, their half-sized riders, lack of gasoline. Everyone shoots, chasing each other, solid dominance gang. No pedestrians – all solve only powerful cars hung by cannons and armor. Only one wheel gangs are called bad and take everything, while others for protection from “bad” take part (and considerable) and refer to themselves good. Yes, sad expects us the future. True, to raise the mood of the battle, I am mixed with comic books. It would seem, what’s the “blitzkrieg”?..

In pursuit of flammable And meanwhile “blitzkrieg” is very even. It is on his engine that the game is done. Yes, we lost infantry and artillery, and about aviation do not even stutter (what aviation in the post-core world?), and instead of tanks we have only cars. But these cars, these cars are sometimes no time inferior to tanks. Yes, and heroes, so uncharacteristic for “Blitzkrieg”, got. True, the peculiarities of the engine do not allow us to independently develop the heroes, and have to trust the “distributor” of the game itself, which, when achieving the hero of the next level, improves some of its characteristics. Therefore, the whole “role element” of the game is that some heroes do one better, and others are completely different. For example, Bonnie is wonderful with vision, and Brad, who has a powerful cannon, is the death of everything. It is not clear only how the characters manage to strengthen the armor of the machines at a time when they are in these carriages.

The meaning of the game is to destroy opponents traveling on the same (although more often – or more powerful, or significantly superior in quantity) machines. True, there are no special capabilities of the type of construction or equalization of the velocity of machines here, therefore, plot statements

that we manage the gang of stupid thugs can be trusted – so it is. And you have to make all the forces in order to win (if, of course, you are not playing not on the light difficulty level, where the opponent is weak and blind as Mole).

It is worth mentioning about the plot. Here it is given to us in small doses in front of the mission in the form of comics and a little bit more – in the course of the missions themselves. And very soon it becomes clear that our heroes are “marriages” in the spirit of “BUMEMER” (Oh, and also on cars!). Nevertheless, despite the fact that the heroes are expressing in a completely common-line style, easily and easily names each other M… Cranks, there is some charm in it.

Brigade There are simple fighters, and there are just heroes. Heroes differ not only by what they know how to chat and participate in the plot. Heroes know how to gain experience (as it is new!) and climb in the levels of experience. True, improvements go automatically, and the heroes are developing as it did the developers, and not how you want. Of course, this experience has benefits: a little bit of visions, shooting range, damage to the enemy and some other characteristics Machines. Of course, the heroes are not clones, so some better do it, and others. So, it is noticed that Kyle sees on all, Brad is best shooting, MIHOS is well controlled with heavy artillery. However, it is not possible to confirm the numeric data, since the characteristics of the heroes are made so deftly that the hell himself will be broken. Nevertheless all Heroes must sit in cars, and better if it will be such machines in which it is easier to gain experience.

However, this is not important. Heroes can also crawl in secret and look in binoculars. And this means that only heroes can be observers. And observers in the game allow you to solve many problems by firing the enemy from afar. Like that.

This is interesting: binoculars here, truth, left. Usually the hero sees some circumference around itself. With binoculars, the range is insignificantly increasing, but the field of view already looks like a triangle with the selected direction of vision.

The history of all heroes can be found on the site of the game – there they say so much that the magazine will not be able to accommodate such a number of information (it is still not rubber).

Armor strongst, and monsters our fast Machines in the game. Even a lot. The developers took the rule to add one to each mission to one or two new units. Well, if it does not work out in this, get in the next – four. True, not all “monsters” are available to us. On some, you can only admire from afar, and better and at all from the shelters – these cars are especially strong and painfully fighting. But the majority still will be in our hands and will help to win in a variety of battles.

The developers themselves have long shared cars for several classes: scouts (quick and dormant, but weak), arrows (machines with huge damage, but unsonent), elephants (armored monsters at low speed and damage) and universal (how to joked on the game forumThese are those who have no other, nor third). It is assumed that these cars will act in the complex, helping each other. Only in this case can you win. However, not denying the proposed system as a whole, I would divide the shooters on the mortar rows and the actual shooters. And added a group “Neither the fish either meat”, which will include cars without any pronounced orientation relative to groups. That is how we will come to consideration of cars.

Scouts Small, nimble and far-hotbed. The task of the scout is from the second row to highlight the territory in front of our machines to give it to long-range apparatuses. In the first row of reconnaissance, it is contraindicated, armor has a cardboard, and a machine gun is well only to mow the infantry.

Crab. First Candidate of Scouts. Sees far driving fast. However, his open body and a pathetic machine gun does not allow this agile machine at least to confront powerful enemy machines.

Gavial. Bandite crab option. They have such cars full, they are more powerful for your scout. However, they die no less quickly.

Sandy ELK. Best of scouts. Sees still far moving fast. Yes, and the armor some appeared. And best of all – an overpriced machine gun. So and in intelligence can help well, and no other infantry will twist.

Kite. Another smart machine. But everything is inferior to the previous copy. From the problem of choice you will only save you that at least one, at least you will see extremely rare in our ranks.

Nor there or here This includes a lot of cars. As a rule, they do not stand out by any parameters, losing in something to any of the opponents. No, of course, you need to remember that in most missions they do not ask us what we wish to fight. But sometimes the choice still happens. And then such cars are better not to take.

Troglodyte. It seems to be a quick device, but this all its advantages is limited. Armament is extremely weak, and in battle, even against medium cars trogs loses.

Wolfer II. Its analogue from bandits. I never got into my hands, but it’s not painful. The same stupid device, as is trogging.

Oncoming. The first normal fighter at the initial levels. Went with high speed. Bad very weak weapons. Life and armor at an acceptable level.

Order Strike. Very similar to the previous car, differing only in small details. But it comes later in smaller quantities. By that time you will know and where the best cars.

Fat Dog, Mole And Drummer – Berries of one field. These are all the lowest farmers, different from each other with trifles (Dog has more damage, and Drummer is stronger armor). Never have time to place the battles, possess too weak armor. Yes, and with damage they do not really.

November And LEAD CARRIAGE. Everything would be fine with them – fast, and the armor is not offended. But here their guns are not suitable anywhere. These are petty-caliber guns with low rapidity. So they do not reach no elephants, nor to universal. It’s a pity. Although “November” is still a very pretty machine.

Mortar Mortar shoots are far away, but extremely crooked. Hunting for a single car with them turns into full mockery: well, if you get three out of four minutes, and after each hit, the enemy strives to escape from under the fire. So they are only suitable for shooting in opponent groups.

However, there is a problem: the enemy groups do not like themselves when they are shelling from mortars and often go to the direction of shots. Therefore, do not forget to put a barrier for your mortar meters, otherwise they will melt challenged enemies. But in any case, shoot from mortars direct vending – the top of stupidity. Mortar must have a gunner.

True, mortarmers – an inhomogeneous group. There are classic mortars among them that shoot one mine. However, these are not all their abilities: they still know how to minor roads from (or for?) Coming opponent. There are “Guards Mortar”, which shoot immediately a volley and for shooting on solitary purposes are completely precisely contraindicated.

Thunderclap And Tacar-AM refer to typical mortars. That is, they can also shoot, and mine lay down. Our Thunderclap loses only in the rapidness and speed of movement. However, for mortars it is not the main thing – they still shoot from the second row. So both are worthy cars.

HOM And Simoom – Two “Katyusha”. Again, “our” and “not ours”. Mining do not know how to minimize, but they work well on the clusters of the enemy cars. The gangster machine is clearly better, but it can be seen only on the other side.

Devil Arm. Of course, this is a gun, but the effect is clearly closer to mortars. Shoots slowly and very inaccurate. But it is far from the area (it will come to several times nearby). True, damage is an order of magnitude more than what is adopted by the usual mortar.

Arrows Also long-range systems, but already gun. As a rule, not strongly protected, not too high-speed, but very much and go far. Have them better in the second row, from where they bring much more benefit. They are very desirable gunner. And then the arrows will work wonders.

Red Ram. Your first long-range car. Excellent apparatus that will work from the second row of invisible to other purposes. Definitely wins mortars.

Wasp. A little better than Red RAM as an arrow, but the armor did not increase at all, so it should be very preserved, so as not to break the enemies.

Falcon VI. On the head above all previous models, surpasses them in all characteristics. However, there is a disadvantage – the trunk of this car is fixed. Therefore, the “falcon” requires time and place to turn around. Putting three pieces on a tiny pad, you can get the fact that there will be no one.

Big Bull And Harridan. Two monsters from bandits. They are destined to see them. But under their fire it is better not to smoke – they shoot very far and hurt. The latter with a pair of shots will destroy and tank.

Elephants These are huge armored monsters. Their guns and speed leave to desire the best, but they have a different appointment – cover up the weaker shooters to their armor, so that they did not close the fur enemies. And even the arrows from the second row let their work.

KAIL’S BAR. Here is your first elephant. The bad thing is bad. Yes, and moves not too fast. But as it stands on the front!

Wild Gunner. The most beloved brdithing armored car. Leisurely, but can show where the crayfish is winter, several exclusted small cars.

Deadly Walker. Another mass armored car. There is a weak place in the back of the car. Bad very weak gun.

BDB 1000. Typical slow “shield”. The gun does not go anywhere. So at least shoots fast.

Bobby. Even more slow apparatus. But he still has an advantage – at least put a decent gun on this caterpillar tractor.

Universal Not the fastest, but usually managed everywhere. Maybe not the most armored, but it is enough for life. They do not have the most expensive and powerful guns, but they can “drop” even elephants. And often they are better than elephants.

Agony 700. Your first universal. No wonder Jane rides on it most of the game. Be sure to evaluate the balance of all its components. Nothing outstanding but this is a wonderful system for your time. Later will appear REAPER, which is almost a twin brother. Even in appearance.

Hammerhead. Modified “agony” – more armor and smaller speed. But moves the faster elephants, for which it is appreciated.

Panzer Rat And Jackal. Quick armored cars with not very strong cannon. But still for them the main thing is that they can quickly be in the right place and take on the blow.

Raven SG. Monster! One of the best games games. Low speed compensates for high huge long range (at the Red RAM level) and the fact that it shoots immediately from two guns. Accordingly, the damage, it is applied, can be considered double.

M2A2 Bradley. The ideal wagon, whose not one of the characteristics remained “in the pen”. Excellent machine.

M1A2 Abrams. Tank – He and Arizona Tank. The only drawback is that the cartridges end up very quickly. And look, how he splits from one hit enemy cars – one pleasure.

Others, but not junk Yes, there are such. Although it cannot be said that the benefit from the repairman is unambiguous and will always. But, nevertheless, he is. There are motorcycles that people so wished.

RELIEF 8 (Surgeon). Sometimes your cars need to fix. This, of course, in those cases, if they still survived the battle. For these purposes there is a repairman. Thing good and necessary. The problem with it is alone: replenish the stocks is impossible, and the insane number of “ammunition” goes to repair. But already recharge some car – in general almost nothing. No matter how few shells do not have, spend only 1 point.

Reanimator. Under such a formidable name, only fuel truck is hidden. It does not know how to fight, and dies from the first hit.

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