Creative Assembly Explained Why Mortal Empires Campaign For Warhammer Ii Came Out

Extremely rare developers, especially from large companies, find courage to openly talk with players and recognize their mistakes. Because it is doubly nice to see on the official website Total War post in which one of the employees Creative Assembly Honestly writes: “The essence is that we are apparent”.

More than a month ago, October 26, for Warhammer II Free supplement has been released Mortal Empires. Extension combined cards from the first part and sequel into a large-scale campaign. Alas, the technical side of the DLC stepped up – users faced the bugs.

Brand Director Total War Rob Bartholomew (Rob Bartholomew) is forced to disappoint the community – work on the update with corrections is moving slower than I would like to. All the fault of the arrogance of developers – introducing into Mortal Empires Norse tribes, they broke firels.

Initially Creative Assembly planned to simply take content related to Norse, from the first part and embed it in the second. The idea, as practice has shown, was “Chuzhe” – games are greatly different in structure. After vain attempts to cope with difficulties, the authors applied a more careful approach, but it did not work with it – problems with integration tools became increasingly.

There was another option – not to rummage in the source code and add tribes as a mod. However, in this case, the developers would be forced to repair the fraction after each patch – so models and adapt their creations to new versions of games.

As a result, the creators decided to take into account their mistakes and start everything from pure sheet. Now they are finally confident that they have chosen the right way. True, a new method of implementing NORSK will take time – the faction will appear in Mortal Empires Only in May. In December, the update will be released with fresh regime, improvements and edits.

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