Creators Of The Goat Simulator Financially Support Gender Equality In The Industry

Equality of floors in the gaming industry – painful topic. But any news where mentioned Coffee Studios, May acquire a light shade of farce – as-in no way, this studio has created a famous goat simulator Goat simulator!

True, this time everything is serious enough. Coffee stain Launched the Financial program Leveling The Playing Field, the global goal of which is to balance the number of men and women in the gaming industry.

To obtain monetary support within Leveling The Playing Field, candidates must approximately three characteristics:

• At least half of the team – women;
• The team is obliged to be small (how many people are considered a small team, Coffee stain does not specify);
• The team needs less than 1,000,000 Swedish crowns (approximately 126,000 US dollars).

Coffee stain emphasizes that financing is primarily aimed at gender equality, and not to receive profits. However, charity will not be too: Coffee stain going to look carefully for candidates and give money only to those who can really release a successful game. Besides, Coffee stain wants to get a minority share in the company. If the participant’s affairs then crawl up, due to the minority share Coffee stain will gradually return their investment.

One team is already recorded in the program Leveling the Playing Field. Coffee stain I decided to help Other Tales Interactive, Danish-Swedish studio, which was founded two ladies – Tanya Tancred (Tanja tankred) and Mira Dorth Mira Dorthé). Developer love game with focus on narration. Their first project – Tick Tock: A TALE FOR TWO, where two players must combine efforts to solve puzzles and fold together pieces of the plot puzzle. The game already has a teaser and page in Steam.

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