Crusader Kings 2: Advice (How to play for inaccessible kingdoms and empires.)

If anyone wants to play for the inaccessible kingdoms and empires, then everything is written here:

If you want to play as Dad, then start playing for the city of Orvieto, when you fabricate a title and recruit an army, declare war (overthrow the suzer) and begin to rule the Catholics.

If you want to play as Golden Horde, or Huladuids then start playing for the Duchy of Alanya.
1218, January 1. Dial the code for money (cash) and dial the mercenaries or the code for wars (event 60004) separately, and become a vassal and declare war (overthrow the overlord).
Or enter the code for the title (claim e_golden_horde for the Golden Horde or for the Hulaguids claim e_il-khanate), then declare war on the Golden Horde.
It’s easier to play for the Golden Horde, there you don’t even need titles to declare war, you can simply declare war (INVASION), and who wants to play Mongol, then:
1. Enter the code (religion tengri_pagan) to get Mongolian religion.
2. Enter the code (culture mongol) a Mongol will appear on the portrait.

If you want to play as Timurids then start playing for the Duchy of Alanya.
1335, January 1. Follow all the steps above (code for the title claim e_timurids).

If you want to play as Patriarch (ecumenical), (yellow coat of arms with a painted double-headed eagle), then start for any Russian principality (code for the claim title is k_orthodox). The Patriarch is in Constantinople, in the city and you can declare war on him (but gather a huge army (event 60004) – code, you will probably have to fight with Byzantium.

Good luck to everyone in the game! If you don’t know, then ask, I will answer! a86;

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