Crysis 3 can go to Wii U

Crysis 3 can go to Wii U
Producer Crysis 3 Mike Reed (Mike Read) in an interview with CVG hinted that, although some time ago Crytek In every possible way, fought from the possibility of release of the console game Nintendo, Nowadays everything is possible, and in general – never know never. “I would not say that the players do not have a single chance to see Crysis 3 at Wii U, – he said. – But since Wii U has not yet even a formal launch date, now there is no point in talking about some specific temporary framework. I will say right – with Nintendo We work closely, and let’s stay on this. “.

Release Crysis 3 expected in February 2013. By this time, Wii U will already have to go on sale.

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