Crysis tip

Instructions for playing on the Internet!

1- We go to the site and register

New Users – Register Here

2- Be sure to pass Email Verification (confirmation of the account via a letter sent to the mail)

After you confirm, the website will say so:

Only after that do the following:

3- Remember the login and password (date of birth, etc.) that you entered on the site

4- Run the game

5- Network> Internet> New Member

We enter all the same data that we entered when registering on the site (the same login and soap)

6- I accept the conditions – check the box, CREATE!

7- That’s all we play now
Reckoning level tip
I went through Crysis up and down, the Reckoning level seemed especially difficult, aka the last one.

After you have taken the atomic cannon, you return back to the battlefield. You see this insanely large monster in front of you. Initially, the monster cannot be killed, but rather even impossible. You run, being careful of him, after a couple of moments one of your team members will send a special signal to your suit, with the help of which it will disable the alien’s protection. Nearby, near the crashed, burning plane, there will be a six-barrel gun and many cartridges with cartridges. You will need to destroy the alien’s spacesuit (in other words, shoot in the head) and he will soon die, but beware of small aliens and the freezing beam from the main enemy.

If you are frozen, then quickly press the keys w, a, s and d to warm up and melt. Having nailed it, after a while a ship will fly after you to pick you up. But it was not there, the main alien spacecraft appears out of the water, almost breaking your shuttle, it quickly goes over to you. Here you will need invisibility and another supply of more powerful weapon cartridges. Having finally smashed all the guns, he is left with the only weapon, the freezing beam and a couple of dozen fallen aliens. Finally, we waited, an atomic cannon is used, wait until the sighting bar is full and then you will see the power of this weapon. You will have to work hard to destroy this movement vessel. Enjoy your passage.
As you know, when using a tactical unit with sleep darts on a machine gun, the charge of darts takes a very long time to recharge. So, if after a shot you press the firing mode change key (burst, single, darts; by default, the “H” key in the Russian layout or “X” in the English one) several times until the dart firing mode appears again – voila! No need to wait, we have a dart loaded again, you can shoot!

Very useful when you need to quickly and quietly “turn off” a couple of people for a while.

You are welcome…

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