Crysis: Tips And Tactics

The game came out simply with a bang, there are small shortcomings, but it’s all the little things and does not affect the gameplay, of course, the requirements are not small, but still cool. Well, about the passage of the last level, it’s better that you always have a rifle Gauss, this is the most effective weapon against aliens (on one small monster 1 hit from this gun, for a large 2 accurate hit), also shot against small aliens and shotgun. At the expense of the last monster: a vulnerable place he has a head, on the deck of the ship lies a huge amount of Bazuk here and you need to shoot on his head. After you kill this tremendous creature, you will appear in front of you, destroying the guns on his “board” and the bats of the aliens, take the atomic gun and visit the left part of the ship and destroy it, then the same with the right. After that, shoot the bug of the ship and blast this ship. Well, then all this thing explodes, the girl almost takes into a whirlpool, but she saves her main character. PS
Good game came out sorry short. We will wait Crysis 2.

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