Crytek’S Ducklings Found Remaster Crysis 2 And Crysis 3 References

Recently there was a leakage, thanks to which we learned about several non-announced games Crytek, including the royal battle Crysis and mobile Hunt: Showdown. On this merge information about the accuracy of unknown projects of the company did not end.

It turned out that earlier Crytek was going to release remaster all parts Crysis, as well as a collection with all updated trilogy. Initially, the reprints have been the following:

  • Remaster Crysis – February 2020,
  • Remaster Crysis 2 – August 2020,
  • Remaster Crysis 3 – February 2021,
  • Crysis Collection – May 2021.

Crysis Collection – 5/21

– / ppg / (@pokeprotos) November 2, 2020

Remaster of the first part in the end came out on the Nintendo Switch in July, and on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – in September. Reprint Crysis 2, which was not even announced, also missed the specified release window. Therefore, it is unlikely that the third part and the collection will see the light in the estimated period.

If you see it in principle. About sales Crysis Remaster Nothing is known, and the information about the mentioned Remasteres did not come anywhere. Is that the current Creative Director of the Studio Saber interactive, which worked on the reprint of the original, somehow mentioned the updated games of the series in the multiple number in Twitter. However, he then removed these posts.

If these remaster ever are really appear, then, according to the author of the leak, the multiplayer in them is likely to not be – as in Crysis Remaster. Perhaps the developers intended to release a multiplayer component separately – for example, in the form of the same royal battle.

I’ve Been Told That It Only States “Single Player” AS The Mode of Gameplay.

So, Doesn’t Look Too Hopeful.

– / ppg / (@pokeprotos) November 2, 2020

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