CS: GO update (new operation and de_nuke)

On February 18, a new CS: GO update was released, including a new operation (Wildfire), updated de_nuke, etc.

Operation Wildfire:

  • The operation costs $ 5.99, after purchasing it you will receive:
  • Operation Wildfire coin
  • Transaction log showing your statistics
  • 30 unique missions for solo and co-op


  • In Arms Race modes, the leader is not illuminated through walls
  • Added the ability to buy the M4A1-S in the arms race modes


  • Fixed skin filters in inventory and music
  • De_nuke loading screen changed


  • Increased grass detail
  • Optimized graphics


Returned the reworked de_nuke map

On the de_cache map:

  • Improved spawn locations in DM mode
  • Improved radar, improved visualization of objects
  • Removed many places where you could walk on pixels
  • Removed one-sided cross in the mid
  • Fixed fencing on terrorist spawn

On the de_mirage map:

  • Removed lamp models that interfered with the view
  • Removed the cabinet inside the store at the A plant
  • A plywood board has been added to the A plant, on one of the boxes

Comparison of old and new versions of de_nuke:

Much more textures have appeared on the map:

de_nuke Comparison of new and old maps

And the site has changed a lot:

de_nuke Comparison of new and old maps: plant

Here are a couple more comparisons:

de_nuke Comparison of new and old maps: change 1

de_nuke Comparison of new and old maps: another change 2


Consumer, but looks good:

MAC-10 Lapis Gator

PP-Bizon Photic Zone

Not the most outstanding works from the workshop (

USP-S Lead Conduit

MP7 Impire

Handsome Deagle and half-dead AWP:

Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon

AWP Elite Build

The new knife is much better than the previous one:

Bowie Knife by Valve

M4A4 The Battlestar

MAG-7 Praetorian

Five-SeveN Triumvirate

AK in NA’VI colors:

AK-47 Fuel Injector

Dual Berettas Cartel

Glock-18 Royal Legion

Cheap version of Hyper Beast:

Nova Hyper Beast

FAMAS Valence

Tec-9 Jambiya

Nice scout:

SSG 08 Necropos

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