Daedalic Entertainment Stops The Development Of Rts A Year Of Rain. The Owners Of The Company Are Planning Its Restructuring

Daedalic Entertainment – German company who has made a name on the development of quests, and now emitting his and third-party projects of different genres. Controlling stake Daedalic (51%) belongs to the book publisher Bastei Lübbe AG, And he is not happy with the successes of the game unit at all.

Bastei Lübbe Published a special press release, which reported to reduce the cost Daedalic. Parent company incurred impairment losses in the amount of 12-14 million euros. Governing body Bastei Lübbe Considers the restructuring options for their gaming segment.

The reason for these measures was large investments in Daedalic Entertainment, which “were not accepted by the market”. Bastei Lübbe believes that the business model of the gaming publishing company proves its inconsistency.

U Daedalic really go no matter – so, on February 4, the company announced the suspension of work on RTS A year of rain, Which now languishes in “Early Access” Steam. According to developers, the game could not assemble the necessary user base. In the current version of the application there are no specific numbers, but judging by the note PC Gamer, previously the authors mentioned that the number of players did not exceed 5 thousand.

Freeze A year of rain Means that regular updates will be shut out for the strategy, and official servers will replace the P2P system. Lists of leaders and user statistics will also disappear. For the farewell, the team will release the remaining maps and the regime “Contrary to everything”, but their current quality, according to the team, leaves much to be desired.

Recall, now Daedalic Entertainment Corpits the adventure game The Lord of the Rings – Gollum. It should go to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 2021. As the project will find the latest failures of the publisher – unknown.

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