Daimon Jones. Dragon’s eye: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Daimon Jones. Dragon’s eye: Passage

April 1

So, I go to Shanghai, the most populated city of the planet. But this is not the reason I go there. Rich Archaeological History – Here is the true find to the treasure detector! Well, in good way!


Search for mysterious seal.

Passed a month, and without any sense. The only achievement was a workplace in the museum I lost today.

I drink longing in the bar, where I am already pretabling, I finally smiled good luck. The owner of this institution offered one not very pleasant worker. Eh, you do not have to choose, you need to agree. Reel, so the name of my new employer, wants to pick up one thing from her brother, to get it, of course, I ..

Before you leave, I have to talk with a sleeping guy. Wake it turned out not so easy. The benefit that an old pirate gun was at hand, though it was still worth fixing. For good luck, on the table with a sleeping person, I found a box with the tools in which there was such an indispensable wrench. Applying a tool to an instrument, the problem has been eliminated. It remains to set fire to the phytyl. On the floor, in the right bottom of the room I found a match, which and arson powder in a cannon.

Need to say noise was that I needed from what a drunkard woke up. Touching with him on the topic “Plan of the building”, I did without any problems with the document I need. It’s time to go to the port.

Near the metal pile, which is near the steps leading to the pier, I found a handle from a saw. What the hell is not joking, but suddenly it will come in handy.

Lombard long to look for a long time did not have to have, his doors were opposite the Harchevni, from which I came out. There was no one in the room, not counting the cat, whose meter, I, from pure curiosity, took a lying newspaper to get acquainted with fresh news. Also, because of his vast passion for all sorts of unnecessary dooms, I borrowed a small bronze, and maybe the golden, turtle. Doors leading to the bedroom did not open. Looks like this is a dead end.

Returning to the port, I decided to look into the courtyard for the pawnshop, but alas, the wicket was also locked. But near her I found a small wheel, I won’t do it, why is it to me, but something inside me suggested that I didn’t take it in vain. There was nothing to do here and I wanted to go down to the pier. My surprise, I met a famous fisherman, which was so much written in the newspaper. But, first of all, my interest was directed to the sewer pipe, which was closed with metal lattices. It seems that I do not get to the pawnshop. I did not lose and decided to talk with a fisherman, which I told one sad story about a silver jug. I had to promise help guy. I immediately found the clock, they were lying on the floor near the bucket with fish.

Looking into the Harchevnya to take it out, I again talked with a drunkard, only this time on the theme of a token, which I have to help me in the case with a jug. How did I am happy when he was at this Zabuldygi, but the trouble, the guy just does not give me it, but requires drinking. I had to go to Lombard again. Taking the metal turtle found here, I put it next to the crocodile metal statuette. On my surprise, the turtle was the missing part of the call. Soon the owner itself came. Long without reflecting and without asking stupid questions, I was put in pawnshop, found on the pier hours, for which I received a bill. Now you can buy a drink from Vysya, which our drunkard so craves. Having, thus, a token, I went to the fisherman from all my legs.

Fisherman named La was very busy and asked me to go beyond the jug in Lombard. Talking with my brother Vynya Dename (do not forget that we are in Shanghai!), I could take me to pick up a jug of a strange safe hanging on the wall. First of all, I examined the repository. In the upper part there is a hole, a token lady went there. Now it remains to dial the combination “125”. Unfortunately, all the numbers were written by hieroglyphs, but it was not afraid of me. I am a little bitten by the brains, I pressed the following keys – the highest, then the key with two horizontal stripes and the most central. It remained only to stick for the handle down on the right side and get a fisherman jewel.

La was very grateful, in return he gave me a sidel’s nose. By connecting a gift from my handle with me, I got a real saw. Now, taking advantage of her, I could safely get rid of the lattices on the sewer pipe and penetrate.

In the sewage was a tricky device: when I pulled out the lever, the doors on the opposite side were opened, but as soon as the lever was lowered, the doors were closed. Do not be me Daimon Jones and I don’t have such luck and mind, I would definitely disappear. Riding in my backpack, I was invented by a cunning plan. Hanging the bike wheel on the arm of the lever, I could quietly go to open doors. But on this my troubles were not over. In the next room I was waiting for a dexterity test. (Use the right or left mouse button, for appropriate jumps on the barrels). By moving on the other side, it remained to climb the stairs on the wall, up.

When I was in the courtyard of the pawnshop, (so that the character could raise the hatch cover, click the pointer on it) I do not know why, but I wanted to pry. I reacted my desire for lying near a huge wooden barrel. As it turned out, I was not in vain I had to try when the barrel was shifted from the place, under it I found a very beautiful fan. And what, maybe what madam give! Now, when the attack of hooliganism passed, I decided to go to the bedroom, and pick up the thing I need.

In the room I was waiting for a pleasant surprise – the wife of the Dunya, I must say an adorable girl. And here my heart could not stand, and his hands themselves submitted to him to make a gift from found just felt. The girl was very happy presented a bauble, but her joy washed. She needs help in the game “Mahjong”, I could not deny beauty. So…

Rules of the game

Look for two identical unlocked knuckles (they are lighter than others). Choose them with the left mouse button, and to return a couple of steps back, just press several times the right button. Tip – Try to disassemble the pyramid on the levels, if it did not work from the first time, will definitely get from the second.

Having understood with a puzzle game, my turn has come to ask questions. Asking a beautiful lady about the seal, I immediately went to hanging on the wall, painting and took the thing from the cache. It remained to get out of here. In the yard, I noticed the gate, only the trouble she was locked. I embraced a bit of brains, I came to the conclusion that Shanghai is also people and, for sure, the habit keep the keys to the doors under the gender mats. In proof of my logic, in the bedroom under a small rug, lying near the door leading to the courtyard, I was found by the desired key from the wicket.

Starina Rein was very grateful for the work done, in return he paid my efforts to me.

Street Flowers

For all the time staying in this terribly dirty town, I did not even have time to look at him. Now that my financial affairs recovered, it was possible to afford to ride in the local way of transport – Ricksha, for a small fee in the surroundings Shanghai. Coming out of the tavern, I first turned to the guy named Lee Hoy. I immediately had a suspicion about his name, but I was too tired for any conclusions. As it turned out, in vain! So paying the guy a couple of coins, I went to the road.

We did not have time to drive several quarters, as my driver managed to bring down someone. Coming out of Ricksha and watching the sacrifice, I learned my old friend in her – Mary Ocean. The girl was without feelings, I needed ammonia. Pharmacy was located next to the wreck of airship, actually on which she arrived in the city, but alas, the passage did a police station there, asking for which I learned about the fate of another “aliens”.

Near Mary I discovered the newspaper I read to familiarize yourself with the situation. Then I decided to go to the tea.

When I went to the room, I did not believe my eyes. For one of the tables sat another friend – Fuffy Wilson. But the trouble, the guy has already managed to try out the smoking tube, which the local craftsmen are stuck not tobacco, but opium. Immediately near the neighboring table, another smoking tube, which I, naturally, perkkamanil. A little further, behind my friend, lying a straw hat, I also borrowed it. Then my way lay through the book shop, having talked with a merchant on the theme of the wreck of airship, I went straight to Ricksha. I managed to convince Hoy to sit in the stroller and let me go behind the wheel. Then everything was simple, the policeman had the authority to miss Rickshaw, which was required of him.

Wheel place

The first thought that came to me in the head is to find a pharmacist. It turned out, the doors were right in front of the nose. Going inside, I talked with a strange guy who gave me a bunch of mysteries. The first problem with which I had to face is the ammonia lying on a high closet. The second problem is a puzzle (placed chess on the table), which I needed to solve instead of a recipe for a pilot rescue.

Rules of the game

Everything is very simple: the left mouse button click on the highlighted green figures, the last we will cancel these actions. Tip – Begin to remove the figures alternately, first from the upper left corner, then from the leftmost lower, then from the right upper and, finally, from the lower right.

The mystery was not too complex. After her decision, I again turned to the cursing so that he gave his recipe. Immediately on the table I found red pepper, and near the suitcase – a jar with butter. Going to the rack, near which the skeleton was standing, and, searching both shufldi, I was still found a couple more ingredients for the recipe (ivy and spider paws). There was one question, how to get the ammonia. Experience suggested that you need to throw something into a bottle. Going out on the street, I picked up the pebbles near the wagon. Now it can be launched in a jar with ammonia. Predyt Posyzhev on the airship and by choosing the whole margin of all sorts of either, it was necessary to return back.


Lee Hoy brought me to, this mastery of fish, port. Although I did not ask him. But on the proceedings there is no time, friends in danger. While the removal and Dun argued about the missing print, I started looking for the missing ingredient. Search for Harchevna. Taking advantage of the lack of the owner, one thincang came to mind, and not to look at the door at the bar? Voila, I get here before, I would find something to do, but now I have more serious things. On the shelf on the right side, I picked up a white straw and went to Hoy’s wagon. I needed to go back, on the street of flowers.

Street Flowers

The first thing I led to the feeling of Mary, for this I needed only the ammonia. The girl quickly came to himself, after which she told the goal of his visit. It seems that I smiled again. My new friend has a bad foot hurt, so she asked me to find one very important book. Not a second, I went to the book bench, and where else to look for books? Well, the result did not make himself wait. Talking with the merchant, I learned that she he has, but only the lift rusted, you need to smear it, business! Plugs oil from a bottle into the oilbox, I smeared gears, now you could go upstairs for the book.

Lift Management

From pressing the left gear mouse gear key will begin their movement, the re-press will stop them, but not immediately. Remember, the red arrows must match, so stop the gears shortly before their connection.

Upstairs looking for a book for a long time, she was released from the rest. The descent was pretty sharp. On the floor I found a small piece of wire, and of course I took it myself, perhaps it would come in handy. I talked to farewell to the owner of the shop, he told me that this book was interested in brothers, and Dun. Well, take on the note these words.

Talking to Mary about the book, it turned out that there are not enough multiple pages in it. I remember when I was in Chulana in the tavern, I was noticed by a chest. By paying Ricksha a little coins, I went to the port again. The chest in Chulana was locked on the castle, and then I remembered the wire.

Opening of the castle

Click the left mouse button so that Shift starts upwards, at the moment when it reaches the top point, press the left button again to fix it. Reception repeat to each encryption, until they are fully fixed in the upper position.

I was not mistaken, the sheets were here here. Insert them into the book did not work. After reading the full version of the handwritten publication and paying Hoy, I went to my friend. Talking from Mary again on the topic of books, we decided to go to the airship. This time I could safely go through the policeman in the place I needed. Talking to the girl, I was awarded a ticket that it was necessary to show, sitting on the porch, a guy in shape.

On the ship

And here is the deck of the air naughty. Upstairs was boring and I decided to go down to the cut. Immediately I heard Creek Komentanta, who arrested this vessel. He strictly banned something to touch. Let him command with her slaves, and I am a free man, I thought and raised a couple of white pills under the sofa. On this my mission here did not end. Under my legs I found a huge hatch, opening which I saw the entrance to the engine room. All kinds of mechanics, I must say, my weakness, so I went down. Having tried to twist the biggest valve, it happened to me that it was not without a wrench. I just turned out to be so in a backpack. This time I just didn’t have enough strength to turn the key, no help could not do. On the deck there was a couple of idlers, and I decided to turn to them. I had to talk with Al Kapone himself (a well-known, pretty, criminal person), he complained about three problems, a broken car – which I was already engaged in the repair, the commandant – also already managed to meet, and the pilot himself – well, before himnot reached. Talking from mafiosi on the topic of the car, he issued me at the disposal of a huge bodyguard. This one will definitely be able to cope with my problem. Going into the engine compartment, I asked for a healthy to unscrew the nut, and he take, and sorrive him at all. Fastening It seems not damaged, it remains to clean the valve (use the arrows on the keyboard in order to roll out the ball from the part).

When, everything was ready, it remained to install the valve in place. That’s all, the car works. Taking a yellow cloth from the pipe, I left the room. On the deck I smeared on a dry rag, spilled on the box, fuel oil. Then he descended to the cabins (the passage is behind the cap). Speaking with a carbonate, on a small table for my back, I found a lighter and went to, who got bored with everyone, commandant. Fasting his fifth point with a washesized cloth, I, not long thought, got a lighter and set up a tormentor. Here is another problem eliminated.

Returning to the Tea, to my friend who still could not get rid of the tube with the opium, I prepared him a recipe (for this, get the phone from the inventory and apply to the pilot, then drag the desired amount of ingredients into the tube, according to the recipe). Allowing to smoke my phone, I was surprised how fast the potion led him to feel. Now I was left to proceed for him on board the airship. Fuffy waited for me in the cut.


Now, when we parley in the clouds, it seemed, there was nothing easier than to go in search of the lost city, but after a short conversation with the pilot, it turned out that things are different. The guy lost 4 parts of the card, which will have to hope that they are on the ship. First of all, I went to the cabin to Al Capone (she is further along the corridor), this guy should something yes to know. After a short conversation on the topic of the card, I was offered help, naturally, in exchange. Perform one task. My goal, telegraph, lying on the table in the cutting (using long and short mouse left keys, follow the running string at the bottom of the screen). The message turned out to be easier than simple, and I again went to criminal authority. Talking once again about the book, the guy gave me one piece of the card. In continuation of the search, I wandered into the girl’s room (the second door to the right of my previous guest). During the conversation, I asked about the map and in return received the second, missing piece. Immediately near the table on the carpet, I found a handle, and I also grabbed the pink pillow lying near the kitten.

The following contender for a conversation about the lost map was Caruso. He was in his cabin and flatly refused to talk. Here I remembered the resulting handle on which there was still some gift inscription, as it turned out, she belonged to the opera singement. Now the guy has become more talkative. On the question of the map, he admitted that he had a loss, but was not going to give it to the end of his days. Well, you have to speed these days. So, a recipe for cooking poison. Immediately on the table I found a green bottle with sedative. Going to the cabin to mafia, under the table with a weapon, I notifies the box with a tight sticker. It remains to stick a sticker on a bottle, and “poison” is ready. Now you need to push the old man for suicide. First, I talked to him on the topic of missing voice, and then on the topic of suicide. Handing a bottle with a fake poison, I briefly left the cabin a fool so that he could calmly “die”. Returning back, I caught tightly sleeping cargo, and at hand on the floor lay the third piece of the card. I had a bunch of time in stock to firm an old man’s room, here I found a very beautiful suit hanging on a mannequin and a wheelchair, long dreamed ride. My dreams were carried out, now I can gather plenty. And then the idea of the locked room flashed in the head, the door of which was near Kapone. Disintegrating the stronger, I entered the closed room. On the floor there was a box with a yellow label, but as soon as I got down to study his contents, from standing nearby, sarcophaga, ninja attacked me.

Rules of Boy

Right mouse button – this is evasion, left – blow. After each protection, counter-attack and recycle again. Ninja will not be so although Nindse and will quickly lose.

When the guy is in a dark blue trico, lay defeated on the floor, I finally could inspect the sticker box. It turned out, there were cheese pads. There were two more boxes near the door, on one I picked up a jar with the inscription “Gummirabik”, but the second did not move in any way. It seems I know who can help me in this matter. Going out into the corridor, I treated the Buffy cheese pads and asked him for help. In a room with a box, I talked with a healthy and pointed to a heavy box. On my surprise, under it lay the last piece of the missing card. It’s time to return to the pilot and give him a map.

It seems nothing else could prevent our journey, but no. We were attacked by planes. Jumping on the wing of one of them, I threw a pilot and sat down my steering wheel.

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