Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic: Tips And Tactics

The first endless quiver can be found when it is necessary to get out of the spray pit (this is after PJSC killed by grid). So, you got climbed, but do not hurry to jump into the right pit, just continue to climb up – climb on a small wooden staircase, further firing from the top of the top in the nearest sticking beam (notice, not in the one on which you can stand, the one in which You need to shoot, slightly higher), climb the rope, there are jumping on a small platform, then see at the top of the chain, and next to the chain of a wooden platform, shoot at the very edge, do not slip, then we climb on the rope, then around the chain (carefully with this chain , it is too close to the wall and can be stuck). If everything is done correctly, then you found an endless quiver and ZPV (full recovery potion).

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