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Dark souls

Dark Souls is one of the harshest and most hardcore franchises in the game. How many keyboards, mice and headphones have been broken? Yes, dark souls are an unforgettable experience, but they can be very scary for beginners. First of all, I would like to give tips for the third part of the game, because it is the last one at the moment, but these tips are also suitable for the previous parts, to one degree or another.

1. Don’t worry

Dark Souls is a game where you will be mercilessly beaten right from the start of the game. Already at the start, they can explain to you why you are wrong, not only bosses, but even the most ordinary mobs. So patience and diligence!

The third part is no exception and gladly continues the traditions of the series. You will have to die often, but this is not a reason to despair. Death here is part of the gameplay, there is nothing to worry about.

After death, you will have to part with the souls – the main currency in the game, you can pump your character and buy things on them. After death, you can return to the place of death and take souls, but if you die again on the way, they will be irretrievably lost. But do not be nervous, everything you lost can be easily re-farm, the main thing is patience. This feature of the game sets it just a frantic pace, which is difficult to find in other games.

2. Learn from your mistakes

Remember, it’s not the game’s fault that it’s so hard. This is the highlight of this series. The game will simply make you learn to play it, every death here is a valuable lesson, and gradually you will fully understand all the subtleties of the game and its mechanics.

The training here is devoid of any randomness and chaos – the enemies behave the same, the bosses too, so, over time, you will pick up the keys to each enemy.

3. There are always several workarounds

Sometimes you will find yourself in places where it is simply impossible to survive. Seriously, you will die only from one glance of harsh enemies. Therefore, sometimes it is better to retreat in time and pump up a little. And then, come back and explain to everyone who is the daddy in this game!

4. There are factions that make the game easier

The factions in the game play an important role in various aspects. Online, difficulty, etc. Even if you lack pain, you can increase the difficulty too. Faction of the azure path to help. But this is even more pain and suffering, think twenty times before entering!

5. Class means nothing … almost

The classes in the game are very arbitrary. The choice only affects the starting stats and equipment. And that’s it! Then you can sculpt anything from your character, for absolutely any build. There are no restrictions. A very flexible and interesting pumping system will allow you to find something new in the game even after the tenth playthrough!

6. Start with a balanced build

The point follows from the previous one. The fact is that the pumping system is very complex here. Dealing with it like this will not work right away. So, at first it is better to decide what you want roughly and pump the basic statistics and select the appropriate equipment. In any case, at first it will not be possible to “simply” play even on a simple molded character. Not in dark souls, believe me.

7. Try all the weapons you find, but download only your favorite

In short – the weapons in the game are very different: axes, swords, spears. Two-handed, one-handed, can be combined with a shield, can be taken in two hands. To find your style, it is better to try everything, but it is better to pump something that is most pleasant for you, because it is with this weapon that you will go through the main part of the game.

8. Don’t be afraid of Vicky

Pride is your enemy. Yes, each player “knows everything better” and generally “will do everything in 5 minutes”, but asking for help from more experienced players or from Google is not a shame. Remember, this is a difficult game and over time, you will surely figure it out, but you should not exhaust yourself if you have the opportunity to consult with the “seasoned inhabitants” of this world.

9. Find your style

There is no “correct” way to play dark souls. It just doesn’t exist. Any way is correct in its own way. Try everything, choose something to your liking and the game will become much more interesting, I assure you.

10. Take your time

Despite popular belief, the game has content and a lot of it. Descriptions of objects, landscapes and much more. All this requires thoughtful and attentive study. In addition, in order to understand how you like to play, you need to think carefully about everything. Remember: this is not a game for once, this is something that can be played for more than one year. Therefore, any rush in this game will be unnecessary and unnecessary. Just spoil your pleasure, believe me.

That is, in fact, all the tips. Everything else you can study directly in the game. Good luck and patience to you!

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