Darkstone: Game Tips (RU)

Free Gold:
When there are 10,000 gold units in the city, place them on the ground.
Now completely fill your inventory and place 10,000 gold there.
Stand up about 10,000 gold that is on the ground, open
inventory and right click on 10000 gold in it.
Type 9999 in the window and press [Enter]. Get rid of the gold,
giving it to another character. Close inventory with LI_ key and
try to pick up 10,000 gold. Open inventory with LI_ key
again, see that there is still 10,000 gold left.
Keep doing this for as long as you need money.

Magic grenade:
This spell is for magical characters only, especially with a level
magic from 1 to 20. A magic grenade is a grenade that
thrown directly into the head of the enemy, even from around the corner of the wall.
As a rule, no monster survived after being attacked by this grenade..
It does 30 to 70 damage per hit, and is not expensive..

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