Date for gear

Date for gear
Epic Games And Microsoft Finally decided on the exact date of the output of the third part Gears of War. September 20, 2011 will be a festive day for all the fans of “gear”. Japanese gamers, however, have to wait for two days longer. But the sun rises before ..

Recall that in GEARS OF WAR 3 Marcus and his colleagues will continue to fight on the planet of sulfur, but already against the mutated locust, which received the name “brilliant” (and what have the domestic pop diva?). Chief Designer Cliff Blezhinski (Cliff Blezzinski) promised not only a wonderful gameplay, but also the answers almost to all questions regarding the history of this world and the causes of the war. Alas, the game still remains an exclusive for Xbox 360, so users of all other platforms will remain living in the darkness of ignorance.

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