Release Date Borderlands 2

Release Date Borderlands 2
Long-awaited pair-troika millions of fans Borderlands Announcement of the release date of the sequel finally took place. Check in your brains free memory cells and bring the cherished date – September 21, 2012. In America, the game will come out three days earlier, but go there far away, so it does not matter.

Announcement of pre-ordered bonuses was attached to the announcement of the release date. Everyone who will not regret the money now, in September will receive free three sets – Gearbox Gun Pack, Golden Key and Vault Hunter’s Relic. The first will expand the arsenal of the user for several trunks, the second will give a golden key from the chest in the gold storage, and the third will raise the chances of prey to make a good equipment … somehow oily, in our opinion.

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