Dayz Will Receive The Royal Battle Mode

What irony: Dayz, who became one of the inspirationals of the royal battle genre, now herself is going to acquire the official regime on the topic. Sign up for closed alpha testing “Piano” here.

The upcoming novelty is called Survivor Gamez – just like a similar mode for Dayz times when the game was modified for ARMA II. From the regime Bohemia interactive refused in 2015.

Alpha Survivor Gamez is available only on PC. To take part in it, you need to have a copy Dayz in Steam.

Rules of the plus-minus regime are the same as in all Games genre, but with several nuances:

• Match is divided into three stages, each of which is a separate area on the map. The first two areas have borders, it is not worth it – it is fraught with damage and subsequent death.

• At each stage you can find various prey, and in the course of the match, the available weapons and equipment are becoming better. In addition, every stage has its own “hot spots”, where you can find a special lie, which is difficult or impossible to find elsewhere.

• In the final area there are no deadly borders – they are replaced by a special object located in the area of the sawmill. Its position is marked by a green smoke, which over time becomes red. When smoke changes color, all players begin to get damage, depending on their distance to the object – the further, the worse. However, damage can be disabled if you interact with the object during the “red” phase.

• During the transition between stages in one of several possible seats, broken trucks and helicopters appear marked with gray smoke. There you can find long-range rifles, camouflage suits, improved armor and other useful items.

• A number of medical items will be able to pay for players, some of which are needed to wake up allies unconscious.

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