Death to Spies: Tips and Tricks

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1.If you want to kill someone quickly close (stelth-kill), it is best to use a knife. This is the fastest weapon, and besides, it is multifunctional (in terms of throwing and killing close).
2. It is better to deafen in uncrowded places, away from Germans and prying eyes.
3. In the “Reckoning” mission, it is best to throw corpses into the well. At the same time, it’s better not to try to jump into the well itself 🙂
4. Corpses are best hidden in bushes or under trees; best of all in those places that the Germans don’t check or in those that no one ever looks at (the same cowsheds or radio rooms).


1.If you have an officer’s clothes and need to get rid of a lot of officers, run into the room, whistle 3 times, and run out. When the Germans 3-5 come, throw a grenade, close the door and run from there. After that, it’s better to hide somewhere until the end of the alarm;)
2. In the Reckoning mission, there are many speaking Germans at their homes. Run into one house and whistle. One German will come in first. Cut him with a knife, then take the corpse to another room, and whistle again, the second will come in, and do the same operation with him. On a mission, you can do this 2-3 times.
3. In the “Cannibal” mission, it is better to bypass the German at the post and the German with non-observance of urine by the side, and when the second finishes his “wet job” 🙂 – cut him. Then throw the knife at the second, and they are finished.

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