Deathloop went to gold

Deathloop went to gold

Melik about the loop of time Deathloop I did not sleep for the release twice: first, the exit was postponed from the end of 2020 for the second quarter of the 2021th, and then on September 14. It seems to make players wait even longer than the company Arkane Lyon And Bethesda Softworks do not plan – they reported that the shooter was gone to gold.

This means that the game is ready for recording on the disks and, most likely, starts on time. But yes, we understand that after Fiasco Cyberpunk 2077 This rule will not name Iron!

Deathloop will arrive at PC and PlayStation 5. If you have not yet got rid of the bad habit of pre-ordering games, then in this news you will find information about bonuses for early purchase and links to digital stores.

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