Debut trailer Lords of the Fallen

Debut trailer Lords of the Fallen
Ci Games introduced the first trailer of a promising PRG for nextgen Lords of the Fallen.

The project is headed Tomas Gop (Tomasz Gop), once distinguished by the creation The Witcher 1 And 2, A German studio is engaged in the development Deck 13.

Gop It promises that the game will not be out of simple, because, crossing the terrain, you can dig up for ten opponents at a time, and therefore, no less than an hour will have to spend just to go through a small block of card. In terms of fighting, the developers compare Lords of the Fallen from Mortal Kombat, Tekken And Dark Souls. But in terms of the system of skills, classes and the like, the new PRG will rather resemble Borderlands.

So far only it is known that Lords of the Fallen accurately will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One no earlier than 2014.

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