Destiny – Character Transfer, Economics And Gameplay

Online shooter Destiny This fall will arrive in both the old and the new cantilever generation. Bungie Perfectly realizes that users who started playing the drains xbox 360 / PlayStation 3, to the Christmas holidays it can easily decide to pamper themselves with the purchase of Xbox One / PlayStation 4. In this case, they do not have to pump the character anew – saved data from old consoles can be safely transferred to new and continue to lead the war with alien invaders, as if nothing had happened.

A representative told about this chiek Bungie Tyson Reed (Tyson Reed) in the GameSpot interview. However, many nuances associated with its implementation are in dire need of additional explanation – Tyson in his speeches was very concise. For example, it is not clear whether the character will be transferred between different console families (with PS3 on PS4 and Xbox One or with Xbox 360 on Xbox One and PS4)? And whether we can perform a reverse operation – that is, to carry game data from new consoles to the old?

Yet Reed hinted that Destiny someday an in-game economy may appear, but immediately clarified that it is not necessary for the release to release it. He explained that the developers are very positively tuned towards this opportunity, however, the snag is that they do not know how to deserve it in the game. To begin with, they need to learn some details and how to consider the safety of this economy itself.

In addition, developers have published a seven-minute roller with a gameplay Destiny. The detachment of well-armed guardes goes into a terrible place called the lair devil to, so to speak, inspire an aspen nest. Perhaps its main attraction are the inscriptions in Russian, applied on the walls of some abandoned station.

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