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HEROES OF DRAGON AGE – Freal game for mobile devices based on Android and iOS, created based on the famous RPG universe, will see the light very soon, presumably no later than the end of this autumn, according to the project producer Tim Landnder (Tim Lander).

Despite the fact that the development of the mobile phone is engaged Ea Capital Games, This does not mean that HEROES OF DRAGON AGE will not be associated with cross-platform Dragon Age: Inquisition. According to Landra, Studio is quite tightly cooperating with BioWare, However, waiting for some common plot.

Most likely, the interaction of two games will be limited to some purely gameplay moments. For example, the passage of “heroes” will provide you with some bonus in Inquisition or vice versa. Fortunately, to find out, buy Heroes don’t have to, because it is conditional free.

More specifically speaking, HEROES OF DRAGON AGE – This is a group strategy in which the battles are won or played solely on the basis of the composition of your team out of five characters, their abilities and runes that enhance them.
At all, Ea Capital Games Promises ten single quests and more than a hundred different heroes collected from all over the world Dragon Age – good, evil, from the present and even from the past. In addition to the demons, yes Dragons, you will meet with old familiar like Morrigan and Alister.

As it usually happens, you can choose the fighters you can either free, but by patience, or for money. One character will cost you about two or three dollars, just keep in mind that it is not possible to choose him – here as lucky.

The more you have the heroes, the wider the range of your battle strategies, because each of the creatures have their own unique skill. Alas, the universality your soldiers do not possess, so the change of tactics will surely require the replacement of the hero.

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