Devil May Cry 3 / Dante’s Awakening Special Edition: Tip (Tips and Tactics for the game)

In the game, you will need to break cells with all sorts of bones, but there is one problem, this cell is suspended on a chain and flies off in the other direction upon impact. So, so as not to run after her, just jump on it and wet it until it falls apart.

Fighting the twins in the tower often causes problems, in some playthroughs it is advised to shoot them with pistols and try to maneuver, but my method is different. Choose Cerberus. From the beginning of the mission, collect red balls. When you have accumulated enough, study the level 2 “revolver”. It is advisable that in front of the bosses you have balls for the big life star. The fight itself. It is only necessary to dodge their attacks in a jump, the rest is solved with a revolver. Aim at one brother and attack with a revolver obscene, if the second tries to hit you from behind, he will also take decent damage or even drop his sword. I advise you to reduce the health of both brothers, so that one of them does not have time to acquire two swords. If you do everything quickly, then we can put them at the same time. And most importantly – only a “revolver”, while you make it, you are invulnerable!

Starting from chapter 18, you can use one very cool fennec – creating a shadow. Your shadow will walk on your side and follow your movements and strokes. But this ability can be used better if you have a friend and a second joystick next to you. When you create your shadow, connect 2 joystick and press start. After that, your friend plays as a shadow. This ability is temporary, but helps when fighting Arkham..

Advice for beginners.
When you get to the “centipede” (at the very beginning), I do not advise you to jump down immediately, hide behind a box and shoot from there. So you will kill the enemy in at least 30 minutes, and you will hardly kill at all. The best thing is to climb up and jump on the back of this caterpillar and beat with a sword. So you will kill the boss in 5 minutes.

If you play in the werewolf style. To keep it longer, you need to constantly attack the enemy. Better if you are far from the enemy, use the Ebony & Ivory pistols. And also, choose Kalina Ann (rocket launcher), then quickly switch to pistols. Dante will use pistols and the shadow will use Kalina Ann. The same applies to melee weapons..

As you know, each Boss has his own weak point..

1. Centipede has a head.
2. Jester – you need to catch the moment when he laughs and shoot him with a firearm (Vergil is better to do combo and shoot).
3. Cerberus – paws, and when life remains the last strip (checked by the sight) – it is better to bounce away.
4. Agni and Rudra – you must try to hit your hands as accurately as possible so that the sword will fly off. When one of the brothers remains, it is better to shoot from the air (for Dante).
5. Vergil 1 – Ebony & Ivory are good for him, watch the “moment” when Vergil turns away and strike. If you ALREADY HAVE Beowulf – then this is the best weapon against him.
6. Heart of Lifivian – First you need to “stun” one of the two hearts. Moreover, it is better to do this with Kalina Ann (if you already have one). And also, to catch the moment when the Main Heart attacks.
7. Witch – it is better to use pistols. Before this level, I bought Holy Water. You can stun her in two ways – when she laughs or when she lets out a few bunches of ray mice. When she scribbles an electric field on the floor, it is better to stay in the air, firing from pistols. When she has her last life left, use Holy Water (although this should be done by the Luchge with Virgil, and when playing as Dante, hit her before she starts running after you.)
8. Jester 2 and 3 – already playing Very Difficult and Dante Must Die Mods, I didn’t fight him, you can just get around him.
9. Horse – First, take one-fifth of his life away by shooting him as he runs towards you. Then you fall into the colosseum. When he stops shooting rockets at you, just jump on him.
10. Beowulf – at the beginning, try to hit the wounded eye, then when he pushes the cells, stand behind him and attack.
11. Shadow – take Cerberus. go to the eye windows and hit once. When the shadow is already near you, strike again, and the shadow will be blinded for a while.
12. Vergil 2 – you need to attack when he makes a jump and immediately attack on the ground.
13. Arkam – attack in the eye. when his life is a little more than half, Virgil will come. When you are attacked by toothy dolphins (haha) try to attack from the air, while simultaneously pressing the melee attack (so that Vergil will kill them).
14. The Last Vergil – Hit Beowulf.

I will write how to significantly facilitate the destruction of dolphins in a battle with Arkam:
it is enough to simply jump to the side and shoot from the rocket launcher – trying to attack the jumping hero, the fish will bunch up and simply be jammed by the splash damage of the rocket. The rating rises to the skies and accumulates very quickly Devil trigger.

You will have to meet with Virgil three times per game, but the basic principle of victory will not change – he must be punished for mistakes. The main tool for killing this enemy is the Rebelion sword, since it has a decent attack speed, radius and damage, but most importantly, the fastest and most distant stinger (R1 + direction to the enemy + weapon strike). It is the stinger who should spam virgilia at every opportunity. Hit with a stinger – ordinary combos with a sword until the enemy is thrown back, we see him off with a shotgun and sieve from pistols. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to strike with a weapon at the moments when Virgilia throws back, or when he makes his stingers – the greedy samurai does not tolerate and punishes them with his apercut, which at high levels is almost impossible to dodge…
Auspicious moments for punishment are a short respite and a long blow with a wave that ends each of his combo. During the Virgilivsky devil tribe, you need to either convulsively sieve it from a firearm while at a respectful distance (which is not a panacea, because the wicked person does not disdain teleportation), or to be furious yourself and knock off ambition.

The passage of the secret speed mission (where you need to slide your enemies to a piece of blue orb in a certain time) can be greatly facilitated if you have bought purple orbs from the store. It is enough to cut in the devil trigger and just run the distance. True, on the way to “eat” the Devil Star (and thereby restore the trigger), but this is a small price to pay for the opportunity to increase the maximum bar of life.

Fight the twins for Dante.
For me personally, the fight with the twins turned out to be a repetition of the same thing. Style – Stuntman level 2. I took a shotgun, jumped, and in the air used the style skill (Dante dashes to the side while right in the air.). While the hero is in the air, you can have time to make a couple of shots from the shotgun.
Despite the fact that a pistol is recommended, if you go with this tactic, a shotgun is still better, you can not be pumped. The point is that it deals more damage with one shot. Shooting from a pistol, you will hit 1-2 times, and then the target will be closed from you with a sword. Having fired a gun even once, you can remove up to a centimeter of lives.
So, all I did was:
Jump-style-ability-shot-shot-jump-ability … etc. Boring, but the twins only got me a couple of times (with this jump attack).
By the way, if there is 1 brother left, then the shotgun will shoot very little, not more than a millimeter. But I finished it off without changing tactics at all.

In the battle with the hearts of the Liviathan (at least with the left one), you can use Dante’s incomprehensible jumping ability. To do this, we aim at the heart, make a double jump in order to fly as high as possible and hit with biowulf, after hitting Dante should fly up slightly and you can strike (especially useful on Veri hard and Dante must give (if Veri hard is not passed)).

If you go through the game on veri hard, then you will be given a suit in which you will endlessly be in the form of a demon (life will not be restored). Especially useful on Dante must-dai and secret missions, where you need to collect orbs in flight. If I am not mistaken, then time can be slowed down for any period of time..

In the fight against Faydo (three-headed dog), try to knock down the ice blocks he throws, then you will get a few lives.
While playing Vergil, it is difficult to escape from the vampire, but there is one method. Before she disappears to appear in order to drink some blood, you need to stand at one of the edges of the room, when she begins to teleport, you need to quickly run to the other edge. If everything is done correctly, then she will stop in front of you two steps away and you can attack her with impunity.

When the ruby ​​of the leviathan (Virgil), it is better to destroy the right heart. Moreover, it is advisable to learn both combos with beowulf (and even more desirable, the phase of the moon) And to bring down this heart all the time. When the second hatch, cut the davil trigger and kill it in the same way, ignoring the enemies.
Further. You can evade the attack of the heart like this. When the rays are launched, we stand near any wall (if you observe, there is a place on the dais) and jump. When the force of gravity pulls Virgil down, press the ability button and teleport in place, thereby winning another 1.5 seconds, so necessary in order not to land on the beam. Dante is easier. When jumping, you can shoot from pistols, thereby slowing down the fall.
For all bosses. All bosses (except for Cerberus) are very good at beowulf. For Virgil, it is especially good to chop agni and rudra with beowulf using the same fasza of the moon. Without stopping the attack in 2 minutes on hard, you can easily overwhelm the bros!

I will tell you how to kill Cerberus (2 bosses in the game).
As soon as you start fighting with him, aim at the head with green eyes and shoot at it with pestoles (and do not use other types of weapons, it is almost useless) until you destroy it (then it will be much easier for you to destroy all other heads). Then start shooting in the head with red eyes. As soon as you destroy it, aim at the head with blue eyes and stand in the left corner of the room. And be sure that he will not reach you and you can safely shoot him until you destroy!

When you hit a centipede, remember: it is precisely Cerberus that is afraid of it. Before the battle with the vampire, buy 2 holy waters, it really helps, when she has half her life, remove the force field and use St. water – the vampire should be the most powerful boss in the game for you.

I would like to share some of my own, for someone maybe secrets.

1) A piece of blue ball, which you need to get by taking the elevator to the end, is easiest to get on the easiest difficulty level. For Dante, we take the sword style and cut everyone with a circular attack with double swords (if you have level 3, then we make a storm and problems are gone). Vergil stupidly chop everyone in a row.
2) A piece of blue ball, which must be reached in a few seconds, is easiest to get on the way to the bridge at level 12 in demon mode.
3) A piece of the blue ball in mission 7, which you get after holding out in the air for 20 seconds, can be obtained as follows: stand in the corner of the room and start jumping over the heads of mobs, sometimes pushing off the wall. I don’t deny that it’s difficult for someone, but “patience and work will grind everything.”!
4) Almost all bosses are most convenient to bring down in the “Dodger” style (especially at the third level of pumping), because: a) with skillful possession, you receive less damage; b) more freedom of action. This style is also extremely useful at high difficulty levels (especially in mission 20).
5) DO NOT give preference to ranged combat when fighting Vergil. Always try to get closer.

You can easily complete the secret mission in which you need to go up the elevator for a blue shard, dropping enemies, you can easily, make a double jump and run up the wall of the elevator shaft using the stunt style, as high as possible, when Dante rolls over and lands on the platform again enemies disappear somewhere (maybe this is a game bug, or just a joke of the developers), in this way you can easily climb up without a single wave of the sword (I played the game on normal, I can not vouch for the rest of the difficulty levels).

There is an easy way to get through the first battle with Virgil without getting a scratch. This requires only the ability to run fast and attentiveness. The tactics are very simple. Swing the Swordmaster to level 2 and get the ability to throw a sword. Then we stupidly run around the arena and wait for Virgil to teleport behind his back. Then we dodge the blows of his sword, turn around and begin to throw the sword at him. It is advisable to begin at the moment when he sheathes the sword. 3-4 throws, run away from the blows and repeat all over again. If you play carefully and do not drive yourself into a corner, then you will not be hit at all. The boss is taken out this way pretty quickly.

1. Against blocking attacks such as: web, attack of soul eaters, attack of the Siren at death (vampire kiss) there is a very simple remedy – it is enough to turn into a demon, at least for a couple of seconds.

2. It is easiest to hit Beowulf in the eye with an ice flail with the help of the Revolver attack.

3. Almost every boss in the game reacts especially sharply to certain weapons: Cerberus to fire and vortex swords, centipede to ice chain, etc. The shadow, very logical, receives the most damage from the gloves of light.

4. If someone is very much annoyed by the struggle with the Shadow, then here is my tactic. First, calculate how many hits of your chosen weapon are required to open the shutters of the solar windows (the number depends not only on the weapon and reception, but also on the level of the game, as well as how many times you have already managed to screw up this battle). Then you start pounding them, but without constantly striking the final blow. When, during this painstaking work, the Shadow climbs under the arm, just jump, and then continue to beat the doors. With rare exceptions, after an unsuccessful attack, the Shadow returns to the center of the hall. After the preparation stage is over, stand at one of the windows and wait for the Shadow to approach you, then, without waiting for its impact, finish off the window. While she writhes in agony, run to the next window and wait for the next arrival. You can, of course, taking advantage of the moment, at this moment you can also hit her for prevention, but then there is a risk that both of you will lose the correct rhythm, and instead of hitting you, she will begin to close open windows. If this misunderstanding still began to occur, then there are a couple of ways to prevent it. The first – sacrificial – to block the window. You will receive a painful but bearable blow to the body with a clot of darkness. The second one is a little more difficult, but safer – if you are wearing beowulf gloves and the “Sword Master” style is activated, then throw your clot in response (of light, of course). If you correctly guess the moment and direction, then the bunches annihilate each other. In the event that you were not distracted by “eating pawns”, then with the last window the Shadow becomes so bad that for a couple of seconds on sick leave it can no longer get off. Here, again, gloves of light with the “Sword Master” style are most effective. Do Dante’s most powerful attack – a delayed uppercut, but don’t continue it, creating a whirlwind in the air, then you still have time to repeat the uppercut. After the Shadow wakes up, you need to repeat everything. With proven tactics, you can keep within just three cycles (Hard level).

5. It is more convenient to pass the secret mission with the developed Trickster. First, climb onto the cube closest to the wall, jump from it onto a constantly rotating cube, which also travels along the wall. When he is at the extreme right point, jump onto the wall, run up it. Then Dante bounces off, and you dash forward and slightly to the left – so that you get on the platform, which is about to hit the wall (you may not have luck with the phase and will have to repeat it). As soon as you find yourself on it, jump and run along the wall to the right. At the end of the run, also dash to the right to find yourself on the platform of the second floor (with the door closed). Next, jump onto the cube moving by the figure eight. In the leftmost part of his path, jump onto a cube moving vertically (there are two of them; you need the one that moves higher). Well, then the blue orb is just a stone’s throw away. There is no special trick, but perhaps someone will save nerves.

6. A few tips about the game of chess. Everyone already knows that the game can be ended by killing the king. Castling was also mentioned in the passage – when, when the king is struck, it is immediately replaced by a round. But to make life easier for yourself, it is not enough to kill both towers. The fact is that, in full agreement with the chess rules, when a pawn gets to the opposite edge, it can turn into any other piece except the king (although none of them turned into a queen, but perhaps I was lucky). Therefore, it is advisable to interrupt them too. Officers are also at risk, because they not only throw fireballs, but they can also heal their surroundings (the rotation of the green balls). However, if you do not slow down, they may not use this ability of theirs. Someone who doesn’t have to be killed is the horses. And also the queen. She, of course, can cause paranoia, but with due care, her Majesty may not be encountered. Variable selective paralysis – the invulnerability of figures, I think, you can not paint – it is already obvious.

How easy it is (1-2 minutes) to defeat Virgil in the last battle.
We take the bazooka (we get it when we defeat the lady), pump it 1 or 2 times (depending on the money available) and wet Virgil with it. Sometimes he blocks shots – then we run up, hit with something a couple of times – and he is again open for bazooka attacks.

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