Devil May Cry 4: Tip (achievements)

Open additional graphics:
Two Heroes, 29 pictures of characters – play in the mode
Human or Devil’s Oxen
Secret Typnip Mech – play the game
The Temnogo Knight from the Predaniya
All members – play in Devil’s Oxen Mode
Demons, 12 promotional banners – play in Spardy’s Son mode
Invasion of demons – play the game in Dante mode.
Female DMC4 – Play in Hell or Paj mode
Light Mech Spardy – play in “Hell or Hell” mode

Open Dante’s and Nero’s cyper-suits:
play the game on the “Dante must die”.

Open additional levels with increased difficulty:
There are three levels in the game with an incredible difficulty: “Son of the Spapa”, after going through which,
You open “Dante should be met” “Hell or Paj”.

Open the full version of the end:
To see the extended finish option, you must not give
Damage the enemies to Kirie for a length of time at the bottom of the channel
minutes during titles. If you get it, look at what came next.

See the full end:
After victories over the last side, you will be shown a video that is
Cause is only a part of the end. If you are able to defend Kyrgyzstan
from damage to tension 90 seconds, while the credits are going, you will be shown
the remaining part of the end. In the opposite case, the titles just end,
and you will have to fight with your boss again and try to save Kyrgyzstan another time.

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