Diablo 2: Tips And Tactics

In this game (checked by experience), there are Feng about which not everyone knows. First: Magic is certainly good, but not in a hurry to drink bottles in distant, and soak all the magic. This is certainly simple, but the last blow is better to apply weapons in your hands. Why? Yes, because more chances to get a magic thing, or just a good thing. Do not relent, it’s just checked!
Secondly: Move with some monster!! It is necessary to create a portal!!! Necessarily!!! Do not create, in the case of murder, you will have to dwell to the place of the corpse, and this in case of frequent killings.
And last: it is better to leave money in the chest, the code kill them sometimes take, especially closer to the end, by the way, it is not always a little, sometimes even noticeable!!!
Good luck!

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