Diablo 3 Immortal – a preview of a mobile game based on the universe of the same name

Feeling nostalgic is exactly the same source of income for the company. And Blizzard clearly knows how to “milk this resource. This is evidenced by the re-release of Warcraft and Starcraft. But what happened to Diablo? Why did Blizzard stumble on this episode this time, and what is wrong with the announcement of Mobile Diablo? Let’s figure it out.

This time, Blizzard decided not to revive the classic games of the series, but to do something new. And it would be very well received by fans, if not for one thing “but: this game is a typical clone of Chinese RPGs on the phone. The fans couldn’t forgive such a slap in the face. And this is coupled with completely dead classic parts and an already fading 3-number series. This greatly affected the trailers of the game, the counter of dislikes under the video just broke down, so many negative reviews were poured into it by fans.

Diablo is primarily a memory of a bygone era. The era of computer clubs and sleepless nights at an old computer buzzing in the night. For every gamer, this is something light, an ancient relic, an encroachment on the sanctity of which he does not accept. Diablo 3 Immortal is just such an encroachment. However, the game has not even been released yet, and therefore it is not entirely correct to judge it now.

We only have one small trailer with a meager piece of gameplay and a bit of information.

All we know is this:

  • At the start of the game, we will receive 6 classes: sorcerer, crusader, barbarian, monk, demon hunter, necromancer;
  • Each will have 12 available skills, from which we will have to choose 5. So each character will be unique and not like the same character of another player
  • In all likelihood, we will get 9 locations, although it is not yet clear how it will be necessary to switch to them, how the transition from location to location will be carried out.
  • Most importantly, there will be a lot of interaction with other players. Moreover, it will not only be a battle with each other, but also the joint passage of missions.
  • Immortal will be released on both android and IOS. But at the moment, only owners of devices running on Android can register for the beta. Apparently, “Apple workers will get this opportunity later.
  • The game is planned to be released in 2019, then it will appear in all stores.
  • Developed by NetEase Games and Blizzard Entertainment. It will be published by Activision Blizzard.
  • The plot of the game will unfold in the time interval between the 2nd and 3rd part of the series. The plot will be canon, developed by a large staff of Blizzard employees
  • The game was developed on the Unity engine.
  • Even playing in single player mode will require an internet connection.
  • The gameplay itself will be designed to control the character using the touch screen, all control buttons will be in the corners so as not to interfere with the player.
  • Mana was removed from the combat system, now there will be only recharge of skills. Equipment will not change the appearance of the character, and the collection of resources has remained almost unchanged.
  • The game world will open us both new places and will lead us through the old ones, which have long been familiar.

Agree, to evaluate such a project, I have so little information, it is too hasty. Of course, this is not what the fans were waiting for, but maybe the funds raised from Immortal’s sales will go exactly to the development of a full-fledged 4th numbered part. Therefore, I suggest everyone to wait and fairly evaluate the product after its release.

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