Dialogues With Npc In Fallout 76 Will Be Designed For Solo Game And Will Affect Only Your Version Of The World

On E3 2019 Bethesda told O Wastelanders – free supplement for Fallout 76, which will add to the game NPC and the dialog system. A little later, the employee of the site VG247 talked with the development director Chris Meyer (Chris Mayer) and found out how conversations will occur with non-game characters.

According to Majer, Talk B Wastelanders will be your personal “expirers” – do not wait for the stormy discussions with the participation of several players when the answers are determined by the voting. If you go to perform quests with friends, each member of the group will have to complete the conversation separately from the rest by choosing your replicas.

To believe Mayer, Some of your decisions in conversations will even affect the world F76. True, there is a catch – only your version of Appalachia will change, and any other user, respectively, will see the consequences of their own choice.

Part of the dialog replicas will take into account your indicators s.P.E.FROM.AND.BUT.L. – If the character passes the check, the additional option of passing the quest will open. Meyer It does not promise that all parameters will be useful, but at least “charisma” and “perception” will be useful.

In addition, the director stressed that the developers did not enter the NPC game because it was a game designer solution. The authors wanted to experiment, but the community gave them to understand that the idea was unsuccessful. And now, they say, the appearance of computer characters and in the plot fits – the players began to rebuild the world, and people return to oblivioned places.

Running update Wastelanders scheduled for autumn 2019th. Well, so far Bethesda Entertains the people of the “Nuclear Winter” regime – the “royal battle” in the entourage post-nuclear western Virginia. Entertains, apparently, successfully – Alexey Likhachev even devoted a separate article.

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