Divinity Original Sin 2 - Video Game Review

Divinity Original Sin 2 – Video Game Review

The game Divinity: Original Sin 2 exceeded all expectations of gamers and became not only a great addition to the famous first part but also a good alternative that helps to restore former feelings. As in the old version, everything is allowed to be used here, even that which is forbidden, because only in this way it is possible to expand the boundaries of the fake space and discover its new little things and features. The exciting series as if invites itself to study its new principles and exchange valuable knowledge with developers and other gamers around the planet. The masterpiece of its publisher fully embraces the wonderful genre of board role-playing games and demonstrates its main advantages, providing the freedom that was so fond of earlier.

Divinity Original Sin 2 – Video Game Review

The second defining component is a good, interesting plot. Here he acts as not only the unlimited world of Rivellon, but also other myriad situations. Here everyone will find unusual, funny, complicated, and at the same time gloomy stories that go well with the changing tone of the narrative. Once the player is faced with a very serious request about the need to help the turtle win the heart of a brisk rat, and after a minute the question is about the decline in morality, genocide, fate, and even nihilism. Given the fact that both stories are made on five, you can safely talk about the huge works of the creators.

In addition to the foregoing, one cannot but focus on such a bright moment as the absence of dividing everything into black and white. Thanks to the bypass of annoying dies, D: OS 2 looks elegant from the side and immediately gives you a chance to decide on obvious concepts. The deeper you dive into the rich plot, the more you realize the guilt of each individual participant, without exception.

Despite the huge number of historical events, characters, factions, and minor heroes, the picture does not tire at all, but only makes you be more curious about various little things. It is from these small elements that the general plot story is formed, which makes one sometimes believe in incredible things. A sufficiently capacious and rich background will help to understand things that are already happening at first.

The impact of minor bugs on the gameplay

Ideal games do not exist and this is worth remembering. Similarly, in Divinity: Original Sin 2 it is worth emphasizing its small problems, trying to fix the developers with small patches. It is rare to notice cases where the game was lost in the field or race of the protagonist, did not know about the presence of any information in the character, a budget voice acting. Of course, this does not affect the gameplay as a whole, but a little makes the huge virtual society not as colorful and vibrant as we would like. If you try, you can find many other bugs, but these are just the usual little things, without which it would be quite uninteresting.

Permanent rewards for wasting time

As in any masterpiece, they will try to interest you in colorful graphics, new features, and other subtleties. However, it is worth agreeing that all this is very boring, especially if you have to spend a lot of your free time in an adult. In order to compensate for such a significant loss for each completed task and the step taken, the gamer will receive money, data, funny dialogs, valuable loot or simply memorable scenes. Simply put, time will not be wasted, and all your invaluable work will not be done in vain. Also, there are no unnecessary additions purely for show, and each mission is extremely necessary and closely related to the entire history of the virtual universe. In addition, adventures that are scattered all over the map allow you to save money, which eliminates the need to go for an additional portion of adrenaline to the other end of the map.

Is it hard to be a hero?

The main thing in the arsenal of your hero is the ability to extract information. And it doesn’t matter at all how you will do this: to communicate with people, to beg from animals, takes the path of the pathfinder. In fact, if you have the necessary skill, then with it, you can easily get every detail. You can learn about key cases from ghosts, including animals, who will always be happy to talk with you if you find an approach to them.

Solving the same problems, but interacting on behalf of characters of different races will be quite interesting, given the fact that they all do the same thing in their own way. Pleasantly implemented physiology, which provides various bonuses and useful properties, both during interactions and in battle. For example, lizards have the ability to dig up caches without using a shovel, and as for the elves, they eat other people’s remains and get the necessary information from the memory of the deceased.

Universe Divinity: Original Sin 2 contains many surprises, which include interesting puzzles. Sometimes the most meager particles of the interior or other objects will help to solve them. You can also amuse yourself by creating pyramids from the boxes, and by collecting simple puzzles, while key actions for central tasks become completely obvious. A huge minus of passing is the ability to get around many game situations, and now we are not talking about individual quests, but their good third part. The developers themselves welcome the experience of advancement in virtuality with the use of loopholes, but for experienced role players, this may seem uninteresting and even unfair.

Some more yummy

Each player has a chance to use the game mastering mode, which will give the function of designing their own space and amazing adventures in the NRI format. A lot of changes happened to him starting from the moment of release, however, there are many players left who like to create their own atmosphere, and not follow in advance thought out. Which mode is more to your liking, decide for yourself as soon as you plunge into an amazing and simply amazing virtual world.

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