Doom 3: Tips And Tactics

Assistance in the fight against the last boss. Effective strategy.

This boss, in my opinion, is not very complicated – due to the fact that the room is very large. Here is the most effective action plan: Immediately after the screensaver – in the hands of the dull, throw it in the boss and, not too much a second, run right, keeping [SHIFT]. Raishes far enough, stop at the break and inspect the room. The battlefield is a ring around a wide hole – the portal in hell, from where all the time gets out all the evil – demons, Maggot and Perfume (tell me. Thank you for not Mancubs, Knights Hell and Archer. We run in a circle so that the boss is always on the opposite side of us. Small creatures kill the rocket, if they are far away, or plasmagan, if close. Killing 5 pieces, throwing the cutter riding, so as she accidentally hurt some bug, in the boss. Getting ready to throw the 5th time, remember which magnificent game you play, and then throw. And do not blame the iD Software ID in the fact you are shot at nightmares with the participation of sympathy from the game. Just did not need to play 5 hours a day.

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