Doom Eternal: Advice (How to Kill the Icon of Sin)

The boss is a pumped-up version of Doom II. Like his predecessor, he almost all the time of the battle is turned towards us. To defeat him, you need to destroy 8 (and actually 7) parts on the first platform, and then repeat on the second:

  1. Head
  2. Right chest
  3. Left chest
  4. Stomach
  5. Right shoulder
  6. Left shoulder
  7. Hands (killed together)


  • Summon demons. I’ve seen everyone but marauders, tyrants, doom hunters and archviles. 
  • Punches and Shoulders.
  • Setting fire to platform surfaces.
  • Rocket fire.

The boss is constantly swinging and waving his arms, but during a cast (for example, a call) he almost stops moving. It is at such moments that it is convenient to shoot at him with a slow weapon..

The tactics are simple: we cut circles according to the level, use portals and teleports, along the way collecting endless charges for the Crucible and a bloody blow. On “nightmarish” difficulty, the boss deals huge damage, so never stay in one place. 

The best weapon is BFG, it is guaranteed to destroy one section with a direct hit, at the same time kills all the evil spirits within sight. However, on each platform there are 3 shells (plus 2 shots you could take from the previous level), in total, the big cannon will only be enough for half the boss. Use BFG wisely, only when the boss does not move (a miss can be fatal) and only after summoning evil spirits, so as not to be distracted by any mancubuses and lashes with knights later.

A machine gun with a turret mode destroys a section for about 100 rounds (most of the ammo), so you need to regularly saw the mobs. This is an accurate and very rapid-fire weapon that is convenient for shooting hard-to-reach shoulders and arms. 

The rocket launcher and ballista plasma are too slow, but can be used when the boss is not moving. 

It is not necessary to purposefully clean up mobs, they are endless, over time the boss will simply strangle with the number of summoned devils, so it is necessary to break the sections of the Icon as soon as possible. It is beneficial to cut small mobs to replenish ammunition, or to destroy them with a bloody blow. We destroy large individuals like knights and mancubuses with the Crucible, all sorts of carcasses and kicks can also be killed with a fist. The shotgun can be used as a grappling hook to improve mobility.

Each level has a small supply of armor and first aid kits, and at the very top is a blue meghealth ball, which is best left for emergency. 

Optimal choice of runes:

  • Chitdez (lethal damage protection and time dilation)
  • Improved controllability in flight (can be optionally replaced with accelerated reloading of consumables, armor will not be superfluous).
  • Knocking out health from mobs with a bloody blow.

What else can help? Increase the angle of view so as not to lose sight of the boss and mobs during dashes.

And the last tip: if all else fails, you should use the Praetorian armor (it is included in the game settings and does not affect the outcome of the passage). Learn the timing and nuances of a fight, then try again without protection.

Good luck to all! And respect to id Software for creating the coolest action movie!

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