Doom Eternal: Tips (How to Kill Mini Bosses and Bosses)

If you do not care about the tips and you missed the hint on how to kill the Marauder or the Doom Hunter, then this guide will help you!

how to kill the Doom Hunter:

1. If a shotgun has a “Rotr-barrel” mod, then you can start shooting at its bottom, shooting off the left and right turbines, as well as the middle! (It is possible to tear off this lower part with a Bloody Blow, as with a shotgun)

2. As you know shields are afraid of plasma and its shields can be destroyed so!

3. After him, as he says “Critical Damage”, you can kill him with any weapon!

How to kill the Marauder:

1. He has a shield, but it’s impossible to break it! To kill him, you need to catch the timing when he either shoots at you with a double-barreled gun (at close range) or when the charge from an ax is flying (xs as it is called)! at this moment he cannot activate his CHITER’S shield!

2. Make sure to use a DOUBLE SHOT!

How to kill the Icon of Sin:

1. The fastest way (Works with both 1 phase and 2) shoot and BFG-9000!

2. Use a machine gun, plasma gun!

How to kill Gladiator:

1. In principle, you can use any weapon when he wants to attack the eyes on the shield (In phase 2 on the eyes) light up green!

2. In phase 2 he has 2 clubs!

How to kill Kang the Creator:

1. The most effective weapon is a self-guided rocket launcher (at a time it demolishes half HP or even more) BFG-9000 too

2. When you demolished her armor, refill with a double-barreled gun and a butcher’s hook and hit her with a bloody blow!

3. She has 6 phases! 

All information is not accurate, it was done how I killed these bosses, by what method, do not judge strictly my second guide;)

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