DOOM – secrets, easter eggs and a little about the game

DOOM - secrets, easter eggs and a little about the game

Well, are you ready to squeeze out a stingy man’s tear and nostalgic with us? Then meet the game that will return the full range of those emotions that you experienced as boys and girls. Yes, yes, yes and yes again … Good old, furious Doom is back in the form of a restart, and is called DOOM (2016).

The developers are still ID Software, but the publisher this time is Bethesda Softworks. This creation was released on May 13, 2016 on more famous platforms, such as PC (Windows), XO (Xbox One) and PS4 (PlayStation 4).
It is pointless to say something about the plot, but no one argues … But the main character at the beginning of the game throws out the computer monitor, where everything is thoroughly explained what happened here. And this is by no means justified, because the player, like the character of the game, came here in order to chop, shoot, dismember, shred, explode, smile maliciously, wash with the blood of demons, break horns and much more … In general, all that we so want to do sometimes, and don’t even dare to deny it.
In this article we will focus on the details of the game and, as you could understand from the title, these are our favorite EASTERS. Fortunately, the new part of the series can be proud of them, for there are plenty of them here. Well, we’re starting …

Easter egg number 1
Sean Bean is dead again

The game has a single very curious list with the names of the deceased, but the most fascinating thing is that the developers have included in this list an actor with a harsh fate to die in almost every film – Sean Bean. It is a pity, of course, that we did not see him in the game, or rather did not see his next death. =)

Sean Bean is dead again

Easter egg number 2
Old School Road – Demon Destruction

If you use a specific PC in the lab, you can activate the challenging but absolutely playable Demon Destruction mini-game. It is a reference to the original Doom series.

Old School Road - Demon Destruction

Easter egg number 3

In order to get this nostalgic Easter egg, you first have to die, but not at the hands of demons and other undead. You just need to jump into the lava. Health completely disappears, and an Easter egg from Terminator appears, where Arnold Schwarzenegger shows “Cool!”

I'LL BE BACK терминатор


Easter egg number 4
Commander Keen Helmet

In one of the levels, you can find a funny helmet hanging on the head of a neighing skeleton. People of the “old” game training will immediately guess and exclaim – THIS IS FROM COMMANDER KEEN !!! A reference from a game created by the developers at ID Software. On the very same helmet, if you look closely, there is a familiar word – DOOM.

Commander Keen Helmet

Easter egg number 5
Skyrim again

Oh, how third-party creators love and almost idolize The Elder Scrolls series. So much so that in almost any big-budget game there is a reference to this universe, for example, not so long ago they appeared in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. In the new DOOM, this tradition is not bypassed … In it we see a skeleton in a familiar helmet and with a shot in the knee, that already tells you something, doesn’t it? XD

Skyrim again

Easter egg number 6
And again old school

If you activate some lever in one of the levels, you can get access to the secret level from the original Doom (1993).

And again old school

Level from the original Doom

Easter egg number 7
Super turkey turkey

After wandering around the locations of the game, you can find the Super Turbo Turkey arcade machine. Destroy as many annoying chickens as possible. Interestingly, Doom 3 has the same assault rifle.

Super turkey turkey

We beat annoying chickens

Easter egg number 8
Fallout is also not on the sidelines

And in the end, the most disguised reference turned out to be the inscription “VAULT-TEC”, which refers to the equally popular post-apocalyptic series of games, namely Fallout. These are the things, but it is very difficult to find her …

Fallout is also not on the sidelines

That’s all for us. Of course, these are not all secrets and other goodies, because the game has just been released and has not yet been fully explored, so wait for new discoveries and secret stones …

GAME TIPS was with you, play only good, arivederchi!

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