Dota 2 On Lemon

It is unlikely that we risk themselves to make a mistake, suggesting that some of our readers are looking forward to announced in October last year Dota 2. The heir to the direct legendary fashion to Warcraft 3, Yes, still being developed Valve – Such games come out not every year, a five-year apartment or even a decade … or rather, this will happen at all for the very first time. That’s the more interesting.

The release is promised at the end of this year, but yesterday’s announcement exceptionally hinted exclusively that some lucky ones had a chance to boil the Breast on the Ambrase “Dota” will appear after a few weeks, on the largest game exhibition of the world Gamescom, Another iteration is scheduled for August 17-21 in Cologne, Germany. And what happens there?

Yes, a lot of things. And including – tournament Dota 2 with the participation of the strongest teams. Since no one in the eyes of the Sicwel competition, the “strongest” team will be determined on the basis of success in the original. And so that no one is disappointed for the spells spent on the fight against rivals and the new game, the winners are waiting for a pleasant compensation – one million US dollars.

However, if you believe Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell), Dota 2 For participants of the tournament, there will be a game quite old, since they have been trained in full growth for some time on its cards and demonstrate an incredible level of skill. Both and developers. In total, 16 teams selected, and they will compete in the Olympic system with double disposal.

It is not entirely clear how the efforts of those who will take place from the second and further will be compensated. But it is quite precisely known that numerous spectators and fans will not be left. As the organizers promised to arrange free online broadcasts in four languages – Chinese, German, English and, most importantly, Russian … It is still nice that we respect us there.

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