Dragon Age: Advice (Explanation of hacking experience points, influence, specifics)

First preview.

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A quick tutorial on how to use the Cheat Engine

If you have an English version of the program, like mine, then here is the actual instruction.

1. A flashing green-red computer icon is a request to select a process to use the program. Find Dragon Age Inquisition in it and wait for the downloads.

2. After you have loaded the game data into the program, we will start using it for our benefit. And how and what, read below.

Let’s get started. The first method that I myself deduced. At least I haven’t watched the videos and haven’t read the information about this, this is a hack of the health of opponents.

The method is not so that you can kill the already light bandits, but for opponents who fool around for the tenth time. I invented it when I played the game twice, and I didn’t really want to spend time on the Nightmare level on unnecessary bosses like Imshel, but if you have the same thoughts, listen and remember.

  1. We go into the program and select the process.
  2. We go into the game and look through the tactical camera the enemy’s health
  3. We collapse and drive the health of the boss or mob into the Value line
  4. In the Value Type item, we MUST set Float.
  5. Click on the left First Scan
  6. After finding the results on the left, we go into the game and give a blow to the boss so that his health drops.
  7. We again drive the amount of his health into Value.
  8. After finding the results, usually from 8 to 15, select them all and click “Add selected address …”
  9. Now they are at the bottom and again select them and press Enter, then enter the value that we want to leave to the boss in the form of hp. For example 1.
  10. Press enter again and go into the game. The boss already has 1 hp and it remains to finish it off. Less hassle and more plot.


Just like in Artmoney, put 4 bytes in the search type and click First Scan with the amount of money you have. Then we sell or buy something and then we do it as in points 9, 10 about the boss’s hp, only changing it to the value you need. It’s simple


If you click on the information about characters and attributes, then at the end of the list you will find “Combat experience points”. This is your experience for the whole game. Look for it in Value and then kill one mob to change the experience. Then click next scan, after entering new values ​​and then add the necessary addresses down and change their value, for example, to 99999.

Specificity of the Inquisition

Hacking the specifics takes a long time, but you can hack the Inquisition level and it will already add specifics. We close the gap, for example, and look at the amount of experience. Now we look.

Each level of the Inquisition is 1000 experience, that is, we make a static situation. You have level 4 displayed and 468 experience. How do we calculate.

Level 1 – 1000 experience, it reaches two and the second level begins, but this does not mean that you have 2000 experience, it means that you have started a set of level 2. Simply put, if you have level 2 and 368 experience displayed, then you need to look for 1368 experience and then, after closing the gap, add to 1368 and look for a new value. For example, the gap was closed and 40 points were added, then you already write 1408 in the value of Value. But back to level 4. Let’s go like this. 1000 + 1000 + 1000. These are already 3 levels. And you have 4 and 468 experience displayed. So now you have 3468, we break it and that’s it, close the gap, add up the added experience and change it to 999999. That’s it, everyone knows about the Inquisition and a lot of specific points are already in your pocket. But if you want to pump everything. Then read on.

Start a new scan and write the number of points of specificity in it, there you will already learn something and a new value in the program. All. Simply and easily.


Since the values ​​from 1 to 15 in the game code are about 300,000+, we make it smarter and easier for ourselves. The program represents the values ​​of the present and the previous. And for this there is an option to simplify. For example, we have 13 influence points. And it’s better to earn them up to 13 or higher, then you will not worry about it. Let’s get started.

We find the first scan is 13, then study something at the command headquarters. Let’s say you have 9. Press continue to scan further. There will be fewer values. Then we study some other little thing for 4. Already 5. And the values ​​will be several times less. And there will be from 1-20. If all is well, then add them below and change their values. That’s it, now try to study something in the rate and see how your command points have changed, to the ones you specified.

You can also change or freeze the amount of health if you calculate it correctly. At the party or the Inquisitor.

Taken from Dragon Age Inquisition RU

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