Dungeon Siege 3 be?

Dungeon Siege 3 be?
In his interview, the German portal Eurogamer.de Chris Taylor (Chris Taylor), Head of Studio Gas Powered Games, mentioned about the third part Dungeon Siege. She really will? Probably yes.

On the role of sequel to love players Dungeon Siege 2 Long propheted Space Siege, The same RPG is only in the future. However, developers seem to other plans, Chris Taylor announced the first details of the continuation of the series in the form Dungeon Siege 3. If in the second part, the player had to be controlled by a whole detachment of heroes, then in the third gameplay will be significantly simplified, there will be one character from now.

The official announcement did not follow, the studio continues not to turn the hands to work on Space Siege, which will appear in the fall of this year.

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